Bottaro Law Gets $350,000.00 For Blind Woman Injured In T-Bone Massachusetts Car Accident


One moment you are talking and listening to a friend in a car. You cannot see since birth. Suddenly, a loud crash and your body is smashed against the interior of the car.  You are in instant, agonizing pain. Worse, you are trapped in the car. As time moves slowly, rescue personnel you hear yelling for you and using equipment to tear open the vehicle. You are in someone’s arms, on a stretcher, in an ambulance.

This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and I was blessed along with my legal assistant Ilaura, to get to meet and know a courageous young woman and to help her through the above experience.

The car accident (explained below) occurred in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. At the first hospital, our client had such traumatic injuries, that a Boston Med Flight helicopter needed to airlift her to Boston Medical Center via helicopter. There she would be admitted for over two weeks days while she recovered from her serious personal injuries, including multiple pelvic fractures, collapsed lung, brain bleed, liver laceration, and a shoulder impingement.

Above: Our client (left) and the type of helicopter (right) that airlifted her for her traumatic personal injuries.

West Bridgewater, MA Car Accident With Personal Injuries

Our client was a front-seat passenger in her friend’s car as they tried to enter a CVS Pharmacy parking lot.

A third vehicle, traveling in front of the at-fault parties vehicle, was stopped on the nearby road. The operator of the third vehicle waved his right away, giving passage to our client’s friend to complete the turn into the CVS parking lot.

Suddenly, the at-fault party made the illegal decision to go around the third vehicle, passing them on the right. Not seeing that our client and her friend were turning into the CVS parking lot, the at-fault party slammed into the front passenger door where our client was sitting.

Above: Diagram of Crash Used In Case.

Fighting For The Maximum Policy Limits Settlement: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Difference

Our client’s father contacted us just a few days after her accident, my team and I immediately started working on her case.

The road to recovery was not easy for our client. We got moving fast on completing forms, investigating the case, and ensuring she received outstanding treatment. Due to the extent of our client’s injuries, we knew that our client would need the full extent of the benefits offered.

In addition to collecting the maximum policy limit of the at-fault party bodily injury, we obtained a maximum policy limit claim on her friend’s insurance. We also were able to negotiate steep reductions on medical liens owed.

By taking on both insurance companies, we could secure the funds needed to cover all of our client’s medical expenses.

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