The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Recovers $500,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement For Loss Of Eye In Rhode Island Personal Injury Case

steps of evisceration

When a worker suffered a complex and life changing personal injury, he contacted the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC and we got to work right away to achieve justice.

The case involved a ruptured globe in our client’s eye during a work incident in Johnston, Rhode Island resulting ultimately in a personal injury involving the loss of his eye.

By way of background, a homeowner hired two laborers to install windows at his residence. Our client was one of the laborers, along with another worker. The other worker started to cut an expansion strip for a window when a “metallic intraocular foreign body” struck our client’s eye – immediately blurring his vision and causing bleeding.

Emergency personnel transported our client to Rhode Island Hospital. After an ophthalmology evaluation, our client was diagnosed with a ruptured globe of his left eye, causing permanent blindness.

Several months after his personal injury, our client underwent an evisceration of his left eye, where his cornea and the metallic foreign body were both removed and a permanent prosthetic was inserted. This loss of the eye has also resulted in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we immediately used our resources and experience to retain experts, including an investigator to gather important evidence. We also extensively conducted legal research to establish that the homeowner faced exposure under several theories of negligence in hiring and supervising the worker.

The large insurance company or the homeowner resisted paying a penny – at first. But through hard work and diligence, we were able to put together a strong case. The facts established that the homeowner had retained an unlicensed worker and provided little to no training. The hiring itself was careless based on the evidence. And the homeowner retained control over the work and proceedings.

After negotiating with the defendant’s insurance company, Attorney Mike Bottaro and his team were able to settle this case for $500,000.00! Our client will now have some peace of mind and settlement funds to provide care and compensation as he deals with this tragic lifetime personal injury.

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