Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers Nabs $100,000.00 in North Attleboro Car Accident Settlement

Did you know that in Massachusetts there is a unique set of laws that govern car accident personal injury cases?  This includes a recent North Attleboro car accident we settled.

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To learn more about the Massachusetts cases we handle, let’s review a recent client’s North Attleboro car accident case.

North Attleboro Rear-End Car Accident Involving Our Young Client

One typical afternoon, our young client and his friends were leaving school together.  Our client was riding in the front passenger seat on this particular drive.  His friend driving was not paying attention, and as a result, was unable to stop before rear-ending the car in front of them at full force.

Front of our client’s friend’s vehicle after the rear-end accident.

The accident left our client unconscious while his friends stood witnessing one of their worst nightmares. The North Attleboro Police department came out to the scene and cited his driver friend with Operating to Endanger and JOL Passenger Restriction.

Being young adults, they were not supposed to have multiple friends in the vehicle.  At the time of the accident, the driver was driving his friends, including our poor client, under the influence.

North Attleboro rescue rushed our client to Hasbro Children’s Hospital where his parents met him.

North Attleboro Car Accident Results in Concussion and Other Personal Injuries

Our client suffered multiple facial lacerations and a concussion.  His mother did the right thing by calling us right away.  This allowed her to focus on taking care of her son, and let us take care of the harassing insurance company calls.

As soon as we took the call, our investigators began gathering photos, footage, police reports,  and photos from the accident. Including from his friend, who was the at-fault driver in this crash.

Our client’s facial injury.

The hospital admitted him for some time and eventually  discharged him to finally start treatment and feeling better.  The facial lacerations deep.  Deep enough to where he needed stitches and will have scarring on his face for the rest of his life.  Additionally, not only did he miss several hours from school, but the medical bills began piling up for him and his family.

Bottaro Injury Lawyers Settles Young Client’s Case for $100,000.00

Bottaro Injury Lawyers were no match for the insurance companies.  After diligent work, including collecting all the medical records and supporting our client through treatment, liability was accepted and we were able to get the maximum amount of settlement for our young client, even with other friends in the vehicle.

His parents were relieved that the medical expenses would be paid for and that there would be enough to put away for their son’s future endeavors.  Which he especially deserved after this car accident!  He returned to school, and we are so happy that we were able to help him get back on his feet!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there has been an increase by 11.9% in car accidents involving young adults.  Oftentimes this is because of distracted driving, inexperience on the road, or being under the influence.

Many personal injury victims, like our client, do not realize that any settlement they receive could be subject to a “lien” or “subrogation” to PIP, health insurance, or medical providers.  So, let our experienced North Attleboro car accident lawyers help you determine whether we can wave or reduce your lien amounts.  In other words, we may be able to negotiate in your favor to make sure you see compensation for your injuries.

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