Bottaro Nabs Major $225,000.00 Warick, RI Slip and Fall Settlement for Icy Slip and Fall Victim

Imagine this. You are finally getting a day off from working as an EMT and surgical technician. You take the day to go to help your elderly family members with their household chores, as you often do. Then, on the complex’s property and at no fault of your own, you slip on nearly invisible ice. You now have to face a possible arthritis diagnosis in the future and significant time off work. To face financial hardships ahead, you need RI slip and fall settlement assistance as soon as possible.

A recent client of ours found herself in this exact situation. Read today’s blog to learn how we took a bad situation and turned it into a $225,000.00 Warick, RI slip and fall settlement!

Warick, RI Slip and Fall Accident Results in Caretaker and EMT Client’s Major Surgery

Prior to the accident, our client was an EMT and surgical technician. On top of her service to the community, she also took care of her elderly mother living in a Warick, RI apartment complex designed specifically for elderly and disabled tenants.

Our client regularly visited her mother to help with cleaning, laundry, and other necessary household tasks. On one of these routine visits, our client was walking to her mother’s building when she suddenly slipped and fell on a sheet of ice!

She fell directly on her wrist and instantly felt pain and saw swelling.

After her fall, she observed sheet-like, sheer ice. The building complex easily could have taken care of the ice with salt or other ice melt treatment. Especially since the weather conditions were clear that day.

Photograph of the icy walking path taken on the date of our client’s fall. Not only is this untreated ice difficult to see, but it is an especially dangerous condition for the elderly and disabled population the complex serves.

Later that day, our client visited University Orthopedics with severe wrist pain. Medical professionals quickly took a series of X-rays and found that she had fractured her wrist in multiple places. Professionals reset and cast her wrist and discussed surgical options. Given our client’s severe pain, she opted for surgery.

X-ray of our client’s wrist on the day of the fall.

Another X-ray of our client’s wrist the day of the fall. She sustained what is known as a Colles Fracture.

What Happens When I Slip and Fall at an Apartment Complex?

Slip and fall accidents are part of premises liability litigation. In general, businesses and property owners owe their visitors and tenants a reasonable duty of care. This care includes things like keeping walkways free and clear of spills and obstacles and weather-related build-ups.

When we work on premises liability cases, many seemingly small details matter. We will ask you about the time of day, the weather conditions, if there were any witnesses, and if there was any signage indicating rough terrain, etc.

In this case, our client did the right thing by contacting us to handle her case.  From there, we worked with her to collect important details, like the photo of the icy path she slipped on.

When you slip and fall at a business, apartment complex, or other open area, call us right away so we can assess your case!

What Can Bottaro Injury Lawyers Do to Help Me with My Warick, RI Slip and Fall Settlement?

Once this client called us, we immediately began collecting relevant documentation, photos, and medical records to assess and build her case. One detail we uncovered was that a neighbor was walking her dog and actually witnessed our client’s fall on the untreated ice. This helped our case tremendously!

We also managed her medical documentation and evaluated the value of her case so we could get all her treatment paid for. We make it a priority to let our clients recover while we handle the tedious legal work.

Our client also missed work because of this accident.  As an EMT and surgical technician serving the community, she needs full arm and wrist movement.  We were able to assess her lost wages and get her compensation and more for it.

After assessing her medical treatment costs (including doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and physical therapy), lost wages, and overall life changes this incident caused, we were able to secure a $225,000.00 settlement for our client to cover her expenses and more. She has since returned to work and is continuing to work through the pain she feels every now and then.  We wish her the very best!

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