Bottaro Nabs Maximum Rehoboth, MA Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Settlement

After our client suffered a devastating motorcycle accident, do you know who he called?  Here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we help  (and have done so for many years!) bikers after their biking accidents.  In our recent Rehoboth, MA motorcycle accident case, our client suffered serious personal injuries requiring several weeks in the hospital.  I was proud to represent him and today, I would like to share his story with you.

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Pictured: Attorney Mike Bottaro, Firm Visionary. If you are in a motorcycle accident at any time of day, call us.  We proudly help bikers.  You can call or text me 24/7 for a free case review.

Rehoboth, MA Motorcycle Accident: Why Do I Need the Best Personal Injury Law Firm for My Case? 

In this case, our client was in Rehoboth, MA on a late afternoon, after a long day at work riding his bike home.

He was traveling on his motorcycle on Winthrop Street, when suddenly he was rear-ended.  The rear-end forced his bike to spiral off road and he was vaulted unconscious onto cement.

The Rehoboth Police cited the young, careless driver that was not paying attention while following our biker client.  Rehoboth Rescue rushed him to Rhode Island Hospital.

Pictured: Our client’s bike after the motorcycle accident.

Our client was admitted to Rhode Island Hospital with significant acute trauma and injuries.  His wife of over 20 years did the right thing by calling us right away.

Motorcycle Accident with Multiple Personal Injuries Present

Our client sustained fractures and head injuries.  Not to mention, his bike was totalled.  Needless to say, this was a serious event.  He needed help because the bike insurance companies and other party’s auto insurance company were looking out to save money, not for our client.  Luckily, we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers know the games insurance companies play in Rehoboth, MA motorcycle accidents cases.

While admitted, our client had x-rays done.  His injuries included a brain bleed, right arm fracture, and right ear bone fracture.  His right arm is his dominant hand and it would take some time before he could get back to work and have mobility to do everyday life things that we all take for granted.

Pictured: Our client post motorcycle accident with multiple personal injuries.

Our client has a very hands-on job and has worked for a material company for over 10 years.  Not only was he going to miss the work he loves, but he was going to have a lot of lost wages from being out of work.

After being admitted to Rhode Island Hospital for some time, we were finally able to help support our client as he transferred to a rehabilitation center for recovery.  It was important that our client focused on rehab and physical therapy and left the dirty work to us!

How Do I Get the Most Money for My Bike and Personal Injuries? Get Bottaro Injury Lawyers On Your Side!

His wife did the right thing by calling us right away.  We wanted our client to focus on getting better while we continued our investigation of the scene of Rehoboth, MA motorcycle accident.  We also contacted the insurance companies to ensure that all communication went through us.  It is important to have the insurance companies go through your personal injury lawyer, as it can help relieve a lot of the stressful and harassing phone calls.

My legal assistants Samantha and Melanie helped me by organizing and accumulating evidence such as the medical records and police reports.  They were great at helping streamline matters to the insurance companies too.

According to and traffic safety, from 2014 – 2018, there were over 250 motorcycle deaths!  Here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we take our cases seriously, rely on our years of experience, and are ready to have your back!

Without the best bike accident lawyers, insurance companies almost always try to blame you, the biker, to deny your claim or give you the run around on paying for your bike and medical bills.

As fellow Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts locals, our team knows the roads and motorcycle accident law.  We have been helping victims of motorcycle accidents get top dollar for their personal injuries and bike damage.

Recently, we settled this client’s case!  If your or a loved one are in a motorcycle accident, hire the Best Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts!

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