Bottaro Nabs Maximum Settlement in Warwick, Rhode Island Left-Hand Turn Car Accident

Did you know that about 20% of all car accidents occur during left-hand turns?  In today’s blog, I recount a recent victory we had on behalf of a young woman injured in a left-hand turn car accident on Bald Hill in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Warwick, RI Car Accident Results In Wrist Surgery

One afternoon, our client was traveling on Bald Hill Road in Warwick with her mother-in-law.  As she was proceeding down her lane of travel, a careless driver attempted a sudden left-hand turn in front of our client.  Unfortunately, the driver took that left-hand turn into the passenger side of our client’s vehicle.

Our client’s vehicle at the scene of the accident.

In immediate shock and pain, our clients called 911 and the Warwick Police Department arrived at the scene.  Both vehicles sustained heavy and disabling damage and were towed from the scene.

The police cited the careless driver for Failure to Yield (31-17-2) to vehicles turning left or right.

Our clients, the driver, and her mother-in-law, the passenger, needed emergency care.

After being seen at Rhode Island Hospital after this left-hand turn car accident, our driver-client was diagnosed with injuries to her hip, right wrist, neck, back, shoulders and right ankle.

Due to these injuries, she was out of work.  Additionally, her right wrist is her dominant hand, thus she lost her ability to do most things independently.

This was adding stress to our client. Not only was she missing work for surgery, but she would be out of work for some time because she could not use her dominant hand.  She would need several months of physical therapy once she was out of surgery.

Taking care of others comes naturally to our client.  She has been working at a local urgent care for several years, so we knew we had to help her get back to doing what she loves.  Her mother-in-law suffered personal injuries to her left hand, neck, left shoulder, and was diagnosed with a rib fracture.

Her mother-in-law was also suffering financial losses from being out of work and unable to help her patients at a local doctor’s office where she worked.  For the first time, they would both have to let someone else take care of them instead of taking care of others.

Our driver-client’s right wrist after the accident.

While our clients were adjusting to rehab and being out of work, we encouraged them to relax and let us take care of the rest.

In this case, the other driver’s insurance company actually initially denied our client’s claim!  The other driver was clearly being untruthful about how the car accident occurred.  Fortunately, at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we have the resources to achieve justice.  For instance, we employ full-time investigators.  In this case, our investigator, Matt, visited the accident scene and was able to prove through recent photos and witness statements that our driver was truthful — Our client was indeed in a turning lane and had the right of way when the at-fault driver took a left hand turn in front of her.

Matt, our full-time legal investigator.

There was no doubt that the careless driver was at fault and the liable insurance party accepted liability!  With the carless driver’s liability (fault) in the left-hand turn car accident now confirmed in our clients’ favor, we next addressed and assembled the evidence concerning the injuries and legal money damages.  We were able to not only collect maximum settlement for our clients, but more than maximum settlement to help with pain and suffering, medical expenses, and the financial losses they both encountered.  Soon after recovery and settlement, our clients were able to get back to work and continue helping others in the community.  We are blessed to have helped them!

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