Bottaro Nabs Top North Smithfield, RI Personal Injury Settlement After a Left-Turn Car Accident

Did you know that as a North Smithfield, RI personal injury law firm that also serves other RI and MA communities, left-hand car accidents are one of the most common car accident types our clients suffer personal injuries from?

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This is likely because left turns at intersections are generally more dangerous.  Why?  Because left-hand turns require the driver to cross multiple lanes of traffic, with one set of traffic heading straight toward the driver.  Drivers must take extra precautions to ensure that they have enough time and distance from others to safely turn left.

Our personal injury law firm recently helped a left-hand turn accident victim who suffered severe injuries get the settlement she needed. In today’s blog, I review the accident and how we helped her see the other side of this terrible situation!

North Smithfield, RI Left-Hand Turn Car Accident Results in Multiple Personal Injuries

One typical day, our client was traveling down Dowling Village Boulevard in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. She had two other passengers in the car with her.

While our client was driving just like she would any other day, another driver was planning to make a left turn onto Dowling Village Boulevard.

However, the careless driver failed to assess incoming traffic and made an improper left turn, hitting our client while she was driving through the intersection.  The careless driver struck the left rear part of our client’s vehicle, causing our client to spin out!

The North Smithfield Fire Department quickly arrived at the scene.  Once there, professionals immediately transported our client to Landmark Medical Center.

Car Accident Results in Client’s Painful and Persistent Back and Pelvis Injuries

Once in the emergency room, medical professionals ordered X-rays to address our client’s immediate and intense neck and back pain.  X-rays and medical evaluation revealed that our client had sustained injuries to multiple parts of her back, neck, and pelvis.

Not only that, but after our client left emergency care, she returned to the doctor’s office multiple times because of her persistent neck and back pain. As a result, she was referred to a chiropractor.

How Can A North Smithfield, RI Personal Injury Attorney Help Me in a Car Accident Case?

When our client first called us, we understood the physical and mental impact that this accident had on her. She not only suffered injuries to her back, spine, neck, and pelvis but was experiencing increasing pain every day after the accident.

Once you hire Bottaro Injury Lawyers to handle your case, we take the hassle out of recovery.  While our client focused on healing, we diligently collected police reports, witness statements, and tons of medical and billing records and phone calls.  Needless to say, she never had to worry about outstanding medical expenses with us on her side, nor answer any annoying phone calls from the insurance companies.

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It is common to feel neck and back pain after a car accident. Oftentimes, people involved in car accidents do not feel the full extent of the pain for days, or even weeks, later. It is very important that you seek medical help, if needed.

We collect all this information to help you focus on healing and to assess the value of your case. Once we obtained all the necessary documentation for our client, we were able to obtain a settlement that covered her medical expenses, plus more.

If you or a loved one are injured in a left-turn car accident, or any type of personal injury accident, call us anytime 24/7 to discuss how we can help you in your specific circumstances!

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