Our team does not only strive to be the best personal injury law firm.  We also strive to be the best teammates to each other and the community.  Helping others when they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances is what we care about the most.  This is why you will see us partnering with the Rhode Island Food Bank!  However, if you or a loved one find yourself in unforeseen circumstances such as a car accident, text or call us 24/7; (401) 777-7777.

Firm Visionary Mike Bottaro and his team prioritize local RI and MA volunteering efforts. The RI Food Bank drive was just part of the year-round ministry work Bottaro Injury Lawyers do!

Bottaro Injury Lawyers and Our Engagement with the Rhode Island Food Bank

While helping personal injury victims in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we also come across many folks that have been left in unfortunate circumstances.  Such circumstances include becoming homeless, major financial losses, and not being able to make ends meet because of personal injuries they have sustained.

Legal Assistant Melanie working at the Rhode Island Food Bank!

It is important to our firm to remember that the work we do outside of the courtroom is important.  Just as important as the work we do in the courtroom.  We have been a long time sponsor and supporter of the Rhode Island Food Bank.

Their mission is to ensure that no one in Rhode Island goes hungry.  Our personal injury clients are not the only ones in the community that need help.  Thus, we strive to volunteer our time and donations to local folks in the area.

The Rhode Island Food Bank has been a non-profit establishment since 1982.  According to its website, they have distributed millions of pounds of food through their network of 168 member agencies across the state.

Their mission is to not only make sure that no one goes hungry, but to improve the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders.  They do this by advancing solutions to the problem of hunger.  At each opportunity we get, our personal injury law firm team members strive to donate and volunteer at the Rhode Island Food Bank.  Thanks to our Ministry Care Team, we have the ability to serve the local communities monthly.  In honor of Thanksgiving, this November we decided to not only donate our time at the food bank, but to start a donation in house.

Bottaro Injury Lawyers Thanksgiving Non-Profit Work

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we hosted a canned food drive in our office.  Our team members donated canned and dry pantry foods during the month of November.  We then donated the food to the Rhode Island Food Bank Thanksgiving week!

Our Team’s donation box for the Rhode Island Food Bank.

Our team is built on serving others.  We love working with non-profit organizations in Providence, such as the Rhode Island Food Bank.  We especially love its empathy, understanding, and respect for the diverse communities that we all serve together.

In the past, our firm has volunteered our time to helping people in the local communities, which helps us also connect to our clients.  Not every client that walks through our doors after experiencing a personal injury is found in the best situation.

Imagine the fear of medical expenses, reoccurring bills from the hospital, and the harassing insurance calls that our personal injury clients receive after a car accident.

This can amount in large debts that can make it difficult to keep food on the table for their families and themselves.  This is a big part of why we donate our time and have a passion for non-profit organizations like the Rhode Island Food Bank.

We are blessed to work with an organization that allows us to  give back to the local community to help those in need that may be stuck like some of our clients after a bad crash.  We are also reminded and thankful for the gratitude and love that comes with the Thanksgiving Holiday Season!

If you or a loved one are in a bad car accident and experience financial struggles and personal injuries, contact our firm as soon as possible for a free consultation!

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