Bottaro Settles Johnston RI Distracted Driving Personal Injury Accident

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As a personal injury lawyer, accidents resulting from distracted driving are some of the worst cases we handle. Too often are these accidents avoidable. We recently settled a claim for a Cranston, RI, woman who suffered injuries from an alleged distracted driver.

Johnston RI Car Accident Argument Causes Three Car Crash and Personal Injuries

Our client, a 21- year old woman from Cranston, Rhode Island, was riding with two friends as a back seat passenger

The vehicle’s driver and his girlfriend, the front seat passenger, became enthralled in an argument. Allowing his anger to get the best of him, the driver started swerving in and out of traffic at a high-speed rate. As they approached a red light on Atwood Avenue in Johnston, RI, the driver could not control the vehicle’s speed and slammed into the back of an innocent driver’s car, causing a three-vehicle collision.

Leg Injury And Scarring In Rhode Island Personal Injury Case

Our client found herself in immediate pain as a piece of plastic from the driver’s seat gave her a 6-8 inch laceration down to the bone on her left leg.

She needed to be transported by ambulance to Rhode Island hospital. They treated our client for chest pain and placed 25 stitches in her leg to close the laceration.

Our client underwent a few months of physical therapy to help treat her shoulder and chest pain, although some leg scarring remained.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we look to put an end to distracted driving. We understand that arguments or other distractions can happen while on the road.  In this case, we used our investigation into this case and our client’s injuries to ultimately make a nice settlement.

I’m grateful that our client turned to us, and we could get her adequate compensation for her injuries.

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