Bottaro Settles Rhode Island Ankle Fracture Slip and Fall Case for $225,000.00!

Did you know that serious personal injuries can result from slipping and falling on ice and snow?  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers we regularly handle premises liability cases involving such circumstances, also known as slip and fall cases.  In today’s blog, I review one of our ankle fracture slip and fall cases resulting in court action.  Ultimately, it ended in a $225,000.00 settlement for our grateful Army Veteran client.

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North Providence, Rhode Island Slip & Fall Results in Complex Ankle Fractures

slip and fall and location and parking lot and ankle fracture

Location of our client’s ankle fracture slip & fall case in North Providence, Rhode Island.

One day in the winter, I received a call from an elderly man in North Providence who had no experience working with personal injury lawyers.

He had served in the United States Army and later worked for the United States Postal Service for over 25 years.

He told me that he walked his dog daily around town.  One winter early evening, he was walking in the parking lot of a commercial store in North Providence.  It was not well lit and it had not snowed for some time.

Suddenly, our client slipped and fell on cold asphalt.  He was in immediate pain.

He was able to call 911 and emergency responders arrived.  Everyone could see that the area where he slipped was icy and treated without any sand or salt.  The North Providence Fire Department rushed him to Roger Williams Medical Center.

He was admitted to Roger Williams Medical Center and later diagnosed with three fractures in his right ankle.  Within a week, he was having surgery on his ankle and was bedridden for some time.

Going to Court for Our RI Slip & Fall Client!

Ankle fracture and cast and tri-mal ankle

Our client’s ankle in cast following surgery for Tri-Mal Ankle Fractures.

At our firm, we work hard to assemble the evidence to prove our case to a landowner and their insurance company.  We are not looking to cause needless aggravation or cost to property owners, but rather to achieve fair compensation for our clients.

In this case, after our client’s injuries had subsided, we prepared our case.  We gave the insurance company for the big box store an opportunity to settle out of court.  However, at that time, the insurance representative was uncooperative.

Therefore, we filed the lawsuit in court.

Our client had surgery and hardware, including multiple screws, installed into his ankle.  He was unable to stand on his feet for several months and needed physical therapy.

We encouraged him to continue healing from his ankle fracture slip and fall accident and let us take care of the rest.  He eventually started to heal and was able to get around with a cane.

However, our client remained scarred from surgery and would have that scar for the rest of his life.

Bottaro Team Secures $225,000.00 Settlement

ankle fracture and ankle scar and healing

Client’s ankle scarring.

During litigation, we went through the civil discovery process.  My litigation paralegal, Hannah, did a tremendous job of helping to organize the case.  Another attorney, Greg, helped move the case forward as well, hiring multiple experts to help our case, including an expert in causation.

The insurance company, after several years of hard work in court, finally came to the bargaining table.  At the end of the day, we were able to obtain a $225,000.00 settlement for our client after his slip and fall that resulted in complex ankle fractures.

Our client was quite happy.  These slip and fall cases are difficult and risky – the insurance company lawyer is able to argue “comparative negligence,” which can impair or destroy the value of a client’s personal injury settlement.  Instead, with the settlement our client was able to have some money for his retirement and pay off some medical and other bills.

In 2020, there were more than 6.8 million people treated in the emergency rooms for fall-related injuries, according to The National Safety Council.  If you find yourself in this position in Rhode Island or Massachusetts where we practice, call us!

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