Bristol, RI Motorcycle Accident: Bottaro Settles for Maximum Policy Limit

motorcycle accident

As a Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, motorcycle accidents are always some of the hardest accidents to deal with. We recently helped a Bristol man in his motorcycle accident. In today’s blog, I want to review how we helped him recover after his bad accident.

Motorcycle Accident Leads to Blunt Ocular Trauma

Our Client, a 52-year old, father of one, was out riding his motorcycle in the morning on Bayview Avenue in Bristol.

Suddenly, a careless driver failed to use caution when turning left and cut our client off. This resulted in an awful collision.

The impact of the collision was so powerful it ejected the helmet off of our client. It sent him up over his handlebars and up onto the hood of the jeep. Our client was in immediate pain and was rushed by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital.

The crash resulted in many personal injuries to our client’s head, eye, shoulder, and chest. At Rhode Island Hospital, our client was diagnosed with blunt ocular trauma and lentiginous on the left interior lateral neck and face and bruising to his knee and shoulder.

The Bottaro Difference: Getting the Maximum for your Motorcycle Accident

A few days after his accident our client called us and we began the investigation right away. We investigated the case and gathered the evidence.

With extensive knowledge of the insurance system, we made sure all of our client’s medical bills were covered and lost wages were recovered.

Through the months, we worked hard to put together an airtight case. We were able to obtain a policy limit settlement from the negligent driver’s auto insurance policy, plus additional settlement funds from our client’s underinsured motorist policy.

We took away all the hassle, paperwork, and stress from getting into a motorcycle accident. Now our client can recover with peace of mind.

If you are suffering from a personal injury due to a motorcycle accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, I want to be your lawyer. Call me 24/7 to schedule a free consultation.

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