Camp Lejeune Toxic Water: Mike Bottaro on WPRI Channel 12’s The Rhode Show

Last week, Attorney Mike Bottaro was a guest on WPRI Channel 12’s The Rhode Show as a Camp Lejeune toxic water lawyer.  During the session, Attorney Bottaro discussed the Camp Lejeune toxic water litigation to help honor our veterans ahead of Veterans Day.

Pictured: Attorney Mike Bottaro on WPRI Channel 12’s The Road Show discussing the main tips and need-to-know’s about Camp Lejeune cases!

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we have been serving as local toxic water attorneys since Congress passed the new Camp Lejeune law in August 2022.  We are proud to represent our veterans and their family members.  As always, if you would like more information and/or a free confidential case review, you can contact us 24/7.  We are proud to be a small part in these historic lawsuits that we hope will provide compensation to thousands of affected Rhode Island and Massachusetts veterans and military families.  As a Camp Lejeune toxic water lawyer, I believe that veterans and their families deserve meaningful compensation.

Camp Lejeune is a notable military base located along the coast in North Carolina.  For many years, our veterans and their families were exposed to some of the most dangerous levels of toxins in that watershed.  Experts have linked at least 16 diseases and symptoms to this water contamination.  Last year, Congress passed a law that for the 1st time gave those affected the right to seek compensation.

During The Rhode Show Appearance, Attorney Mike Bottaro Provided the Following Updates and Advice:

  1. The government recently announced an early settlement program for some of these victims and their families,
  2. If a military veteran is deceased, their family members can still pursue the case.  However, the deadline for doing so is approaching this summer, so they must act fast, and
  3. Our website offers more specifics on the law and those eligible. 

For more information on Camp Lejeune, please visit:

What is the Status of Bottaro Injury Lawyers’ Current Camp Lejeune Cases?

We are well underway in moving our clients’ Camp Lejeune toxic water cases forward. We have filed many cases with the government, and we are now even filing in federal court.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we fight hard for our Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury victims, Camp Lejeune victims certainly included. Call a Camp Lejeune toxic water lawyer at Bottaro Injury Lawyers for a free case review!

Our fight is not over yet.  We still have plenty of work ahead of us in ensuring that deceased veterans’ claims are properly handled, first through our local probate courts.  First and foremost, the Camp Lejeune lawsuits require that we obtain the necessary paperwork before we can file the case.

Notably, the two-year deadline for filing is coming up in August 2024.  It is more important than ever that potential claimants contact us immediately so that we can determine if there is a viable claim that we can timely file on your behalf.  Remember, this determination session with us is free to you!

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we remain cautiously optimistic.  The government recently announced that it is interested in discussing Camp Lejeune lawsuit settlements for some Rhode Island and Massachusetts claims may lead to such settlement.  So, again, please contact us as soon as possible to see if we can help. There are no upfront legal charges!

How Can Bottaro Injury Lawyers Help Me with My Potential Camp Lejeune Claim?

Please click below to watch Attorney Mike Bottaro’s complete interview:

Also, please refer to our web page on Camp Lejeune law for additional background information and to see the different methods in which you may contact us.  

Again, there are various requirements and time deadlines to comply with in order to determine if you or your family member (living or deceased) may be eligible for monetary compensation.

It was an honor to appear on WPRI Channel 12 in advance of Veterans Day 2023.  Veterans Day marks a special day where all Americans should stop, be grateful for, and thank our military veterans.

As a small effort to recognize our local veterans, Mike also announced that Bottaro Injury Lawyers will be giving away over $1,000.00 to local veterans throughout November.  For more information on how to enter our giveaway, please visit

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