Canadian Truck Driver Injured In Rhode Island Car Accident With Brain Injury Settles for Maximum $100,000.00


Let me tell you of an interesting maximum policy limit settlement for $100,000.00 that the firm recently achieved. We represented  a Canadian resident who was working as a truck driver, making a delivery here in Rhode Island.

North Kingstown, RI Car Accident Settled By Personal Injury Lawyers At The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC

This case involved a North Kingstown car accident with personal injuries. We followed best personal injury lawyer practices in investigating and working hard to achieve justice.

The crash occurred when a careless driver did not see our client, who had exited his truck at the delivery spot. This pedestrian car crash, knocked our client up in the air and slammed him to the ground. Very scary. The defendant immediately rushed over and saw that our client was knocked out and called for help.

North Kingstown Fire Department transported our client to Rhode Island Hospital. Our client complained of increasing pain in his left side, pain in his left hip, and the “room spinning and pain with breathing.” CT scans were completed to further diagnose his personal injuries, where it was discovered that our client suffered from major trauma.

His personal injuries included an intracranial bleed, fracture of facial bones, rib fracture, left preseptal periorbital and left frontal scalp soft tissue swelling and hematoma, as well as soft tissue contusions. Notably, the injuries included a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), consisting of a concussion with loss of consciousness.

His doctor later noted vertigo and short-term memory difficulties. He was referred to vestibular physiotherapy, neuropsychologist, a physical therapist, and cognitive therapist.

In the course of our investigation, we established that the driver was 100% at fault and that no comparative negligence in Rhode Island should be apportioned against our client. Further, we put together the medical evidence as well we evidence of lost wages from the Canadian job.

After fighting with an uncooperative auto insurance company, we ultimately prevailed and reached a maximum policy limit $100,000.00 settlement.

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