Car Accident Law: What Happens When My Friend Borrows My Car?

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we provide free case reviews to car accident and other personal injury victims.  For many years, we have proudly served our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.  We have made it our mission to fight for regular people’s rights after they sustain serious personal injuries.  One question that we often get asked in our practice is, “am I covered when my friend borrows my car?”

Bottaro Injury Lawyer’s founder, Attorney Mike Bottaro, has been practicing personal injury law for over two decades. He has achieved recognition with numerous awards over the years, including the coveted “AV” Martindale-Hubbell ranking. Mike has made it his mission for he and his firm to support, serve, and fight for car accident victims’ rights in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

In today’s blog, I will examine this question and related questions that deal with car accidents involving drivers who do not own the cars that they drive.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Someone Who Borrows My Car Who Gets Into a Car Accident?

Yes.  Or at least, in general, the answer is yes.  That is, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the auto insurance on the car remains applicable regardless of who is driving the car.

However, there are exceptions and additional information you need to know after a car accident, especially when personal injuries are involved.  The facts of each individual case matter!

When it comes to a friend that borrows your car (who is not on your insurance policy), things can get complicated. At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we highly recommend that you speak to and work with a skilled attorney on all your car-sharing needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions!

For example, if that auto insurance has specifically excluded a named person from the policy, then even if you allow that driver to use your car, there will not be coverage under that policy.

Additionally, other exclusions on the policy may prevent coverage.  For example, if the borrowed driver is working for profit, such as delivering food as an Uber driver, then coverage may not be afforded.

Additionally, there may be other auto coverage, such as the driver’s own auto insurance that may either apply first, or may offer excess (extra) coverage.

The bottom line is that you should call us for a free case review because these issues can be complex.

Can a Driver Borrowing a Car Recover for Personal Injuries After a Car Accident?

Generally, yes, similarly and subject to limitations.  Just like any other personal injury that flows from a car accident.

For example, if insured, the at-fault party’s insurer will cover the borrowed driver’s damages and damages to your vehicle.

Car accident payouts are fact based and nuanced by the specific facts in a particular case.  Adding a driver that is not on your insurance policy into the accident adds more layers of complexity.  That is why is it imperative to make sure you seek assistance from a legal professional.

Is There Insurance Coverage If a Driver Borrowing a Car Causes the Car Accident?

Again, this answer remains similar to previous answers in this blog article.  In general, your car insurance company will cover the borrower’s damages.

However, there are times when the person borrowing a car’s car insurance may kick in.  One such situation arises when your policy limits do not cover the damage.

In short, liability follows the driver, but the car insurance policy follows the car.  Meaning, even if you are not the one driving your vehicle in an accident, your car insurance policy will likely pay for the damages your borrower created.  However, the insurance policy’s fine print, the reason for the accident, and the severity of the accident can all play into who pays what.  Make sure to call us with your car sharing questions and situations!

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