Central Falls, RI Car Accident $125,000.00 Maximum Policy Limit Settlement


Personal injury in Rhode Island has many traps for the unwary. Having practiced personal injury law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for 20 years, I have handled all types of car accident cases. In today’s blog, I want to share how we got a maximum policy limit victory for our client who was sideswiped while driving on the highway.

Rte. 195 Highway Car Accident Leads To Rotator Cuff Personal Injuries

Our client, a 52-year old Central Falls man, was simply traveling home with his sister after a day of shopping.

Traveling west on 195 approaching the Massachusetts border, a careless driver attempted to merge into their lane without warning. Failing to leave enough room to merge safety, the at-fault driver sideswiped the front of our client’s vehicle.

Our client did not feel the full effects of his personal injury until a few days after the accident. Suffering from extreme pain in his right shoulder, our client presented to his primary care doctor for further examination of his injury. His PCP diagnosed him with right rotator cuff tendonitis. They ordered an MRI, referred him to physical therapy, and referred him to an orthopedic doctor.

The MRI results showed a massive right rotator cuff tear.

Due to the severity of our client’s injury, the orthopedic physician ordered our client to undergo a right shoulder arthroscopy surgery. This invasive surgery left our client with permanent scarring on his right shoulder, something that will be a constant reminder of his accident.

The Bottaro Difference: Fighting the Insurance Companies for Maximum Policy Limits

The best lawyers know that personal injury cases take hard work and diligence. From the beginning of this case, my legal team and I knew we had to fight hard for this client.

Originally, the defendant’s insurance company did not want to believe that the accident would have caused a rotator cuff injury. After further review of our client’s past medical records and post-car accident medical records, it was clear this injury was a direct result of this accident.

With the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC’s hard work and dedication to their clients – we were able to settle this case for a maximum policy limit of $125,000.00!

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