Company Driver Causes Personal Injuries: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Secures $500,000.00 Settlement for Severely Injured Car Accident Victim

Have you ever wondered what happens after a company driver causes personal injuries? In a lot of ways, the process remains the same as when there’s been an accident between private individuals. Generally speaking, the parties move to a safe place, call 911, and exchange insurance information. However, when the at-fault driver injures you while representing their company, additional issues arise.

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At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we handle all sorts of motor vehicle accident claims, including those against companies. When going up against any company, large or small, it is especially important to retain legal counsel to handle your case. Call us to discuss the details of your accident!

Was the at-fault person working within the scope of their employment when they caused your personal injuries? Was the company itself in the wrong for hiring the at-fault driver in the first place? What insurance coverage does the company versus the driver hold? These are some of the legal questions you, through your attorney, will need to work through after a company driver causes personal injuries.

Today’s case highlight helps answers these questions. Read on to learn how we went to bat against a company to secure our young client’s $500,000.00 personal injury settlement!

Warwick, Rhode Island Failure to Yield Car Accident Leads to Client-Victim’s Emergency Knee and Leg Surgeries

On an evening like any other, our young, 22-year-old client was driving down Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick, Rhode Island. As usual, he was traveling home after work. Meanwhile, the at-fault driver was traveling down the same roadway in the opposite direction.

The at-fault driver approached a green light. Next to the traffic light was a sign that read, “Vehicles Turning Left – Yield on Green.” While at this intersection, the at-fault driver turned left without adhering to the posted traffic sign. Not only that, but the at-fault driver was driving recklessly over the speed limit.

As a result, the at-fault driver severely t-boned our client when our client actually had the right-of-way to turn!

Later, the at-fault driver was cited for two different driving violations. At the scene, the Warwick Fire Department immediately transported our client to Rhode Island Hospital.

Photo of our client’s vehicle at the accident scene.

Another photo of our client’s vehicle at the scene.

Immediately upon transporting our client to the emergency room, doctors noted that he needed two emergency surgeries. Not only that, but our client was experiencing 10/10 pain even after receiving a high dose of pain relievers.

Our client remained at the hospital for surgery and rehabilitation for many days. First, doctors addressed visible lacerations and other injuries that were deeply hurting our client. Doctors conducted surgery to correct our client’s fractured femur. They also spent time cleaning out and stitching our client’s deep left knee wound. A few days later, surgeons came back to address our client’s neck and spine, as he needed a screw placed for proper recovery.

Our client’s right leg after his emergency surgery.

After surgery, our client was sent to in-patient therapy. There, our client remained in a cervical collar with pain and headaches. Additionally, over a month after the accident, our client still struggled to walk. He could not put full weight on his right leg and relied heavily on his crutches to get around. While he eventually was able to walk and return to work, he still experiences neck stiffness from time to time.

What Do I Do When a Company Driver Causes Personal Injuries?

When a company’s driver causes you or a loved one a personal injury, seek a personal injury attorney’s advice as soon as feasibly possible. We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers have years of combined experience handling company driver car accident cases and know what to look for to achieve the payout you deserve.

When a company is potentially at fault in a car accident, you may have more options – and nuances – as related to your personal injury case. One aspect of the case your attorney will need to investigate is whether the driver was acting within the scope of employment during the accident. If so, this could implicate the company as an at-fault party through a legal concept typically referred to as “vicarious liability.” Proving this is a legal and fact-driven analysis our firm can help with.

When more parties are potentially involved, the more complicated the discovery phase can be. However, the plus side is companies typically have larger insurance policies to cover on-the-job mistakes. This may allow for you to truly recover from devastating injuries. Call us to help you with your car accident claim!

In our client’s case, the at-fault driver was operating a company vehicle at a high rate of speed with disregard to others on the road. This resulted in a life-altering, painful series of events for our client. While he is well on his way to recovery, his scars will likely live with him forever.

Our client’s right leg after his emergency surgery.

Our client’s post-surgery left knee scar.

In the end, we were able to build a strong case for our client. We compiled evidence, medical reports, and other relevant documents to prove his current and future medical expenses, impairment, and lost wages, among other damages. We are happy to have been able to get our client a $500,000.00 settlement at the end of his ordeal. We’re honored to have worked with our young client to get him the settlement he deserved!

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