Dangerous Roads Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycles are built for speed and maneuverability, but they only have two tires on the ground.

All it takes is a minor defect to turn a regular street into a dangerous one. Road hazards are unfortunately one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents across the country.

Whether it is from city neglect to bad weather, riders need to be on the lookout for dangerous road conditions so that they can stay safe.

Types of Road Hazards That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders will experience more road hazards than cars – which is why both inexperienced and veteran riders should always use caution no matter what type of road they are on. Some of the more common types of road hazards known to cause devastating accidents include:

  • Rough Road Surfaces – This can include bumpy roads, roads that are being resurfaced or under construction.
  • Gravel – Gravel is one of those hazards that seem innocent, but can be deadly for a motorcycle rider. When a motorcycle rider is attempting to corner and their tires hit gravel, they can easily lose traction and control of their bike. Gravel can also cause an accident when a rider is going too fast.
  • Edge Breaks – When two lanes of traffic sit at different heights – even if it is a minor inconsistency – it can be problematic for motorcycle riders. This is especially true if the rider is inexperienced or speeding and does not have time to recover their bike from an unexpected bump.
  • Expansion Joints – These are found when two roads connect together, such as a bridge and a road. These joints allow the pavement to expand and contract without cracks, but create an uneven road surface. For cars, this is usually not an issue, but for a motorcycle, these joints can be dangerous – especially if they become wet.
  • Slick Streets and Surfaces – Slippery surfaces are dangerous for motorcycles since motorcycles are lightweight – which means they slide more easily. Slick roads – caused by leaves, spilled oil or antifreeze, crosswalk paint lines, and trolley tracks – often cause accidents while a rider is attempting to take a corner or turn.
  • Standing Water – Motorcycle tires are prone to hydroplaning like car tires, but since a bike only has two tires, the rider can more easily lose control of his or her bike.
  • Potholes – Potholes cause a jolt for vehicles, but for motorcycles, potholes can throw a rider from his or her bike.

Motorcycle riders should always be on the lookout for potential road hazards. Inexperienced riders should first learn to operate their bike before attempting to ride at faster speeds or take corners at high speeds. By constantly surveying the road ahead, you can stay safe on your bike and avoid an accident.

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