Elmwood Avenue Car Accident: Five Injured in Multi-Car Crash

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Car accidents injure people everyday in Rhode Island. According to the Providence Journal, recently three people suffered from serious personal injuries in a car accident that involved eight vehicles on Elmwood Avenue in Providence near our Eddy Street office.

This auto accident happened only less than 12 hours after a previous fatal car accident on Elmwood Avenue – causing the street to be closed down for about five hours. Providence Police stated that a red Hyundai Acura and gray BMW hit each other as they were both traveling south on Elmwood. The Acura then swerved to the right and spun out of control clockwise until the vehicle slammed into the rear of a parked Toyota van.

Due to the force of impact, the unoccupied van propelled forward into the back of another unoccupied Subaru Tribeca that was parked in front of the van. The Acura continued traveling and eventually struck an exterior wall.

The BMW that was hit then veered and hit the median in the center of Elmwood, becoming airborne and colliding head-on with a Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder then rolled over to its side and collided with three parked cars.

The drivers of the Acura and BMW were transported to Rhode Island Hospital with serious personal injuries. The driver and passenger of the Nissan were also taken to Rhode Island Hospital with minor personal injuries.

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