Four Tips to Avoid Trucking Accidents

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According to some transportation experts, as much as 70 percent of all freight transported in the United States each year is delivered by truck. While railroads used to be king, now 18-wheelers dominate in delivering most forms of freight, particularly freight used by consumers. Some 80 percent of all communities in the U.S. rely exclusively on trucks to deliver all of their fuel, medicine, and consumer goods.

As the number of semi-trucks has increased in recent decades, the size of cars on American roads has decreased. Semi-trucks generally weigh 20 to 30 times as much as a passenger car. When the two collide, the result is all too predictable. Most deaths in large truck crashes are passenger vehicle occupants, not truck drivers. Are there steps that can be taken by passenger car drivers to avoid truck accidents? Here are four tips:

Tip One: Be Predictable

If the passenger car driver could do one thing to avoid many accidents, it would be to be predictable. When driving near a semi, try to maintain a relatively constant speed. Try to avoid sudden movements. Signal lane shifts. Because of a truck’s size, it is much more difficult for the trucker to perform quick maneuvers than for the auto driver. Help the trucker avoid the need to brake suddenly or otherwise respond in a defensive fashion.

Tip Two: Don’t Follow Too Closely

One rule of physics is so true that it often is printed on the back of the trucker’s semi-trailer: “If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, the driver can’t see you.” In spite of this, too many drivers allow themselves to drive too closely. They can’t see around the truck. They cannot respond to quick braking activity on the part of the trucker. In urban areas, they often can’t see stoplights in time to react adequately. Give the truck some room!

Tip Three: Avoid the Truck’s Blind Spots

Why does the 18-wheeler have such huge mirrors? One reason is that a large truck has much larger blind spots than those associated with much smaller vehicles. Trucks have to make wide turns, particularly in urban areas. If a trucker is on your left and you are in his (or her) blind spot, you can easily be involved in a serious accident if the trucker turns right. Be cautious, and stay visible. Near an intersection, never pass a truck on the truck’s right.

Tip Four: Be Mindful of Weather Conditions

On dry pavement and at reasonable speeds, trucks take much longer than cars to stop. Stopping distances multiply with less-than-optimal weather conditions. Standing water on a highway can be particularly problematic. When an 18-wheeler drives through a large puddle at 50 mph, the resulting “rooster tail” of dirt and water can vastly overpower windshield wipers, even if they are brand new.

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