Free Coffee! Bottaro Injury Lawyers Treats Locals at Cranston Brewed Awakenings

Cranston, RI Free Coffee! – Isn’t it great to spread good holiday cheer?  Recently our Ministry Care Team sponsored a Random Act of Kindness Day.  Several members of our personal injury law firm surprised the locals at Brewed Awakenings with free coffee!  There, we paid for customers’ coffee while all smiles.

Bottaro Injury Lawyers Legal Assistants & The Cranston Fire Department enjoying coffee on the firm!

Brewed Awakenings is a local coffeehouse chain that serves hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and salads, all in a relaxing space.  It is a popular place for local Rhode Island residents.  We were excited to work with their Manager, Stephanie, to host this special day!

Not only did we buy everyone’s coffee and put a smile on everyone’s face, but we were also able to spread the word of Random Acts of Kindness Day.  During this day, we mingled with potential clients that have suffered personal injuries due to car accidents, slip and falls, and more.  Not everyone has the resources that they need when suffering a personal injury claim.  So, we were able to be informative and also make their morning a little brighter with some free coffee!

Random Acts of Kindness Day – Bottaro Injury Lawyers Celebrate!

According to the Random Act of Kindness Foundation, the movement started more than 40 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 1982, Berkeley writer and activist, Anne Herbert, published the first known account of, “Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Acts of Senseless Beauty” in a CoEvolution Quarterly.  After the article appeared, the community started spreading the word around surrounding communities.

The Random Act of Kindness Foundation (RAK) is a non-profit organization that helps support and sponsor kindness at schools, homes, and work.  it maintains useful resources for kindness ideas, kindness quotes, daily doses of kindness, the science behind kindness and even hosts, “The Kind Blog” as well.

We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers subscribe to RAK’s goal – to make spreading kindness the norm!

It is incredible how just word-of-mouth can spread such an amazing change in the community.  As time progressed, RAK started their non-profit organization.

RAK was officially created in 1995 in the Bay Area to facilitate future celebrations that always took place in February during Valentine’s Day week.  Shortly thereafter, a private foundation purchased RAK and moved to Denver, Colorado where it is located today.

As time went on, Random Act of Kindness Day has expanded its February offerings.  Instead, it now celebrates randomly throughout communities, and worldwide.  It invests in resources that help make kindness the norm.

Bottaro Injury Lawyers Believe Kindness is Key!

RAK also connects to our firm’s core values: Love People, Be A Good Teammate, Fight For What’s Right and Do Your Best — which we believe we do, especially when we participate in RAK Days!

RAK is rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness, and follow a simple framework for everything that they do.  Likewise, we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers also strive to do well by the community.  That is why we also participate in RAK Days in our local community!

A few team members, Rachel, Ashleigh, Heather, and Meghan were able to do their part in the community outside of the law office and buy everyone’s coffee from 8am-9am on behalf of the firm!

The team members that participated not only had a good time speaking with locals in the community but saw friendly faces from previous RAK Days, including some of Cranston’s Finest: The Cranston Police Department!

Thank you to Brewed Awakenings – Cranston for letting our personal injury law firm team members host a RAK Day in the local community!  If we missed you, we will see you at the next one soon!

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