Fun At The Firm: Personal Injury Firm Team Olympics!

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on our firm’s culture.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we have earned a reputation throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts for being tough when it comes to personal injury law – tough in the courtroom and tough on insurance companies!  We’re also… tough during Team Olympics exercises!

In order to win these wars and get the best settlements for our clients, we need to have everyone on our team working together!  We have so many talented personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals who are always passionate about helping others.

So, recently we decided one Friday afternoon to work on our team chemistry and hone in on our competitive skills with a little fun…. Holding our Team Olympics!

Our personal injury legal assistants and attorneys chose teams.  Each team also selected unique team names to participate.  We had an awesome turn out with 10 teams, including teams called, “Justice Served” and “Desk Demonz!”

Each team competed in a series of 4 different games, including “Corn Hole,” and “Jenga!”

We also played a fun new game that the Ministry Care Team came up with called “Cotton Tails!”  We set this game up in the kitchen area and used a spatula, cotton balls, buckets, and blind folds.  One team member from each team was blindfolded while the other teammate helped guide them with scooping as many cotton balls with the spatula as they possibly could!

Team Olympics and games and cotton balls

Legal Assistant, Marissa, playing “Cotton Tails!”

Our Team Olympics Winners and Finalists… Worked Hard!

Our personal injury firm strives to be number one, even when we are having fun!  Throughout all the laughs, snacks, and good conversation, there could only be one winner and two finalists.

Team Olympics and Demand Divas and Personal Injury and Ministry

Legal Assistant, Ashleigh, and Claims Adjuster, Shawna, competing as “Demand Divas!”

The overall winners were Renee and Matt!  They worked resiliently in each round just as hard as they do in their everyday work here at the firm.  Our second and third place finalists, including “Justice Served” and “Desk Demonz,” also worked just as hard as they do help each personal injury client with their cases.

Team Bottaro and Winning Team and Justice Served and Team Olympics

Attorney Bottaro and Legal Assistant, Frankie, competing as “Justice Served!”

In order for our top-rated personal injury lawyers to get great results, we need an awesome team behind them!  Being together where we can let loose and have some fun allows us to not only get to know each other on a more personal level, but to team build and get to enjoy each other’s company!

Our Ministry Care Team not only used their creativity but their organization skills to come up with this fun event for the team!  It was awesome to watch our team be able to enjoy each other’s company and relax after a hard working week at the firm.

We are so lucky to be able to spend this time together and we look forward to the Team Olympics again soon!

Team Bottaro and Team Olympics and Winners and Finalists

Team Bottaro Olympics Winners!

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