How Much Can I Get From My Settlement?

Do you know how lawyers, juries, judges, and insurance companies value how much your case is worth? The answer to the question “How much can I get from my settlement?” depends on several factors and is very dependent on your specific case.  This is why we offer free case reviews to you 24/7 via text, call, or chat.  

Here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the Providence Journal recently awarded our firm the Readers’ Choice awards for Best Law Firm, Best Employer, and Best Attorney.  I truly believe this is because our team loves helping the injured and it shows!  In today’s blog, let’s look at this common question that people want to understand.  

Rhode Island And Massachusetts Differ On Personal Injury Law

Putting aside the strength of your case in terms of who will likely be held to be at fault and the severity of your injuries and legal monetary damages, another factor depends on the jurisdiction of where your injury occurred.

Being local to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, our team here at Bottaro Law is in a unique position to help you navigate issues that may come up between our two New England states.  For example, did you know that in Rhode Island, we have a law providing for a “minimum” wrongful death award of $250,000.00 once you prove your liability case?  Or that in a Massachusetts car accident with a Massachusetts resident injured, personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits may drastically affect how much you can recover.

What Matters To Knowing How Much Is My Case Worth?

Attorney Mike Bottaro standing next to a client after her settlement

Mike with a client after achieving a great settlement for her.

Determining “how much is my case worth?” starts with “lawyering up” as soon as possible after your personal injury. You need an experienced law firm committed to only representing personal injury victims that is local and friendly to you as well.  We offer 24/7 free case review for this reason – because we know that injuries happen at any time and also because we know what the insurance company knows but won’t volunteer to you – folks who hire a personal injury lawyer get more than double the amount of settlement money than those who do not.

When you hire the best personal injury law firm, they know to jump on gathering evidence and doing the hard work from the outset that helps improve your chances for the best settlement.  So hiring the best personal injury law firm as early as possible matters for later figuring out (and maximizing) how much is your case worth, whether you have suffered a car accident or other type of personal injury.

The laws of the applicable jurisdiction also matter, as well as developing the facts of your case.  For example, did you know that in Rhode Island, there is a general law that caps the damages to be paid by a city or town at $100,000.00?  

Numerous other factors go into your specific personal injury case worth.  Therefore, if you have a potential case, I encourage you to call or text us right away and we would be glad to provide a free case review for you.

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