Is Summer Driving More Dangerous than Winter Driving?

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In Rhode Island, the weather is extremely unpredictable. But, wouldn’t it make the most sense that the winter months are more dangerous when it comes to driving? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the summer months actually have more traffic fatalities. Not only are there more driving related accidents – but motorcyclists are out on the road as well, which may potentially cause motorcycle accidents.

What do the Statistics Show?

The NHTSA conducted a twenty-four year study to calculate the trends of auto accidents and the months of the year. Some of the key findings that were discovered in the study were:

  • August, July, October, June, September, and May are the months with the most car accidents and traffic fatalities
  • December is the only winter month of the list of the six most deadly months
  • The summer months have 29% more deaths than the winter months
  • Summer driving leads to 20% more miles driven than winter months

So, how come there are more car accidents in the summer rather than the winter? Data shows that people are driving more in the better weather – so more cars, more miles driven, and more drunk drivers are on the road.

How to Lower Your Risk of an Auto Accident

We cannot always protect ourselves from other drivers on the road, but there are ways that we can make ourselves safer in our own vehicles. Making sure that you do not text or check messages while behind the wheel is a big help, as well as making sure you are using a hands-free device if you must take a phone call while driving.

If you are driving on the weekends or early evenings, make sure that you stay cautious when on the road. The NHSTA states that Saturdays are the deadliest day of the week. More crashes also occur between the hours of 6pm-7pm than any other time of day.

Lastly – tire blowouts are more likely to occur in hotter weather than in the cooler temperatures. If you are planning on taking a long drive, be sure to get your car checked and tire pressure as well.

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