Johnston, RI Car Accident Attorney: Bottaro Nabs Max Settlement in Rear-End Collision

Did you know that the injuries you sustain as a victim in a car accident can worsen and spread over time? In fact, as a Johnston, RI car accident attorney (and personal injury lawyer in the greater RI and southeast MA areas), I see this happen to my clients often.

Yes, even with treatment, pain sometimes manifests at a later date or worsens with time. In today’s case highlight, what began as a typical fender bender resulted in months of physical therapy and pain management interventions for our client.

Day in and day out, we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers fight for car accident victims’ rights. If you sustain personal injuries because of someone else’s negligence, call us right away to discuss your case.

While we cannot take away our clients’ pain, we can ensure our clients are appropriately compensated for the medical attention they need, and more. Learn how we helped a recent rear-end collision client manage her life-changing personal injury accident case.

Johnston, RI Car Accident Attorney Case: A Rear-End Collision Results in Severe Neck, Back, Hip, and Right Shoulder Pain

Our client, a 63-year-old teacher, was driving down Route 295 South in the Johnston, Rhode Island. Our client eventually slowed down, however, the careless driver failed to follow suit. Thus, the careless driver struck the back of our client’s vehicle.

Photo of our client’s vehicle after the Johnston, RI car accident.

After the accident, our client did what nearly every rear-end collision victim should do. She quickly sought medical treatment! On the day of the accident, she informed doctors that she was experiencing neck, shoulder, and hip pain.

That same day, doctors referred our client to physical therapy treatment and took X-rays of her injuries. Doctors were then able to confirm her severely injured neck. They even confirmed that she slipped a disc in her neck as well.

However, this was not the end of our client’s experience. Instead, our client’s injuries worsened with time.

Exacerbated Pain after Client’s Rear-End Collision

After our client’s rear-end collision, her injuries quickly worsened. She returned for medical attention after enduring persistent and worsened neck and shoulder pain for two months. Not only that, but her original right hip pain traveled all the way down her leg, making it impossible for her to sleep on the right side of her body.

During the course of her months long physical therapy treatments, our client repeatedly reported severe pain levels. She received multiple injections to her right shoulder for pain management purposes, all while experiencing limited movement in her neck and shoulders. Needless to say, our client’s main priority after her fender bender was to heal as much as possible.

Should I Hire an Attorney After Sustaining Injuries in a Car Accident?

Yes! If you are injured in a car accident because of someone else’s careless behaviors, it is important to get a skilled and local attorney involved to help you navigate your case.

In our client’s case, she did the right thing by calling us to handle her case. At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we regularly build cases against the largest auto insurance companies in the United States. We have no problem fighting for our clients’ rights after they sustain personal injuries!

While our client focused on navigating medical diagnoses, attending physical therapy, receiving pain treatment, and exercising at home for a better quality of life, we handled the legal side of things. We built and presented her case, and ultimately walked away with the maximum settlement possible of $100,000.00.

While our client must still manager her pain, we were happy to at least help with the compensation side of things. No one should have to worry about phones ringing off the hook, medical bills piling up, and healing from injuries all at once. If you are or were recently injured in a car accident, call us now to discuss your case!

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