Maximum Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Settlement: $127,500.00 by Attorney Mike Bottaro

Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Did you know that if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident in Rhode Island, you can collect on your car’s underinsured motorist coverage? At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, our firm has decades of combined experience handling RI bike accident personal injury cases. In today’s blog, I want to educate you about a recent victory on a case that I personally handled where we obtained a maximum Rhode Island motorcycle accident settlement of $127,500.00 for our client!

How Much Is My Bike Accident Case Worth? Warwick RI, Motorcycle Accident With to 5 Broken Ribs and Pneumothorax

How much your motorcycle case is worth depends on many factors as I have blogged about in the past. You should immediately call or text me 24/7 for  free consultation about the facts of your unique case.

In this case, I represented a lovely 57-year-old wife and office worker who was simply riding her motorcycle in Warwick, RI, on Post Rd.

Suddenly, a carless auto driver, switched lanes directly into her path! There was nothing she could do as you know. The resulting crash was horrific as she laid the bike down.

After flying through the air, her body slammed on the ground and she was in immediate pain.

The accident resulted in multiple personal injuries to our client’s arms, legs, and chest. Rescue transported her from Kent Hospital to Rhode Island Hospital. There she was admitted for four days as she recovered from 5 broken ribs and resulting pneumothorax (Air around the lungs caused by trauma).

Obtaining The Maximum for Your Personal Injuries: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Difference

Our Client’s Husband contacted us just days after her accident, and my team and I started working on the case immediately.

We knew our client had a long road to recovery ahead of her. Getting to work fast, we ensured our client received exceptional care. My team got busy filling out the forms and investigating the case to ease our client’s added stress.

I’m happy to say, in addition to collecting the maximum policy limit of the at-fault parties’ bodily injury, we obtained maximum limits on our client’s underinsured and medical payment policy as well.

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