Mental Anguish After A Car Accident

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Did you know there are several categories of money damages available to personal injury car accident victims that the auto insurance company will not tell you about? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro here to discuss one such category: mental anguish.

A car accident with personal injuries can really turn someone’s life upside down.

Car Accident Personal Injuries: Mental Suffering

Aside from the physical injuries, the law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts allows recovery for a type of pain and suffering known as mental suffering.

For example, in the Rhode Island jury instructions, mental suffering “may include nervousness, anxiety, worry, shock, humiliation, embarrassment or indignity.”

The law also recognizes, in special circumstances, damages on a claim for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” In this claim, a personal injury victim must establish “intentional or reckless disregard for the probability of causing emotional distress” caused by the defendant. There must be some proof of “medically established physical symptomology.” This typically means medical documentation of same.

Your Personal Injury Case: Proving Mental Suffering

After a car accident or other personal injury, some of the most common conditions include mental suffering conditions such as:

Unlike a physical personal injury, diagnosing a mental injury can be harder to spot. Your symptoms might include:

  • Reliving the car accident over and over again in your head
  • Obsessively talking about the details of the car crash
  • Avoiding certain driving situations, conditions, or the location of the accident
  • Bad dreams and lack of sleep due to accident

Your out-of-character behavior might be normal to experience a few days after the car accident, but recognizing the symptoms of a mental injury is important. If you are experiencing these symptoms several weeks after the accident, seeing a therapist or counselor for an evaluation will help immensely.

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