Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro Nabs $125,000.00 in Cranston, RI Left-Hand Turn Car Accident Settlement

Did you know that a car accident can cause major aggravation to an existing back injury?  In today’s blog, I review a recent personal injury victory I helped achieve for our retired, 72-year-old Cranston man after his devastating left-hand turn car accident.

Don’t worry, the story ends well! Pictured above: Our happy client and me, Mike Bottaro.

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The rules of the road change when it comes to right versus left-hand turns.  Unlike right-hand turns, left-hand turns require more caution and are even prohibited at some red lights in Rhode Island.

Turning left at an intersection is more dangerous because it requires the driver to cross two lanes of traffic, one in which has a lane of travel heading straight towards them.  Drivers must ensure that there is enough time and distance more so than would be necessary for a right-hand turn.

Left-hand turns can get messy, quickly.  Always exercise extra caution when making a left-hand turn, and call us immediately if you’re hurt in an accident!

If you are a car accident victim because of someone’s negligent left turn, you should contact our trusted and experienced personal injury law firm right away!

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Our elderly client was traveling toward the intersection of Cranston Street and Linwood Avenue in Cranston.  The careless driver approached the intersection and impatiently attempted a left-hand turn in front of our client.

The careless driver did not budget enough time to cross both lanes of travel and struck our client’s vehicle midway through the intersection.  This sent our client into immediate shock.

Both vehicles sustained heavy and disabling damage and were towed from the scene.

Our client’s front bumper, post accident.

The Cranston Police Department cited the reckless driver for failure to yield properly and for taking a left-hand turn into our client.

After all these years, our client had never experienced a car accident.  We were happy that he called us right away and let us take care of him.

How Do I Get the Most In My Car Accident Settlement?  Call Or Text Bottaro Injury Lawyers – We Care And We Know How To Win For You!

Our client needed emergency care and was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital once Cranston Fire Department arrived.

Our client had a longtime preexisting medical condition relating to his back and spinal column that complicated his legal personal injury case.

Due to the at-fault driver’s negligence, our client began experiencing new pain and sustained personal injuries to his lower back, left foot, right knee & ankle.  Due to his medical history, an MRI was performed on our client right away and showed a worsening condition in his lumbar spine of his back.

The insurance company argued that it was his preexisting condition, and not this car accident, that caused his current treatment.  Of course, this made no sense, as our client’s new MRI taken post auto accident showed a change in condition.  We successfully argued that this meant an aggravation to his preexisting condition that the careless driver’s insurer must pay!

When our client first called our Rhode Island-based personal injury law firm, we understood the importance of communication and treatment for him.  He not only suffered previous injuries to his back, but was now experiencing more pain than ever before.

While our client was adjusting to being in physical therapy, we focused on collecting as many prior medical records, current medical records, and billing records as we could.

Our client never had to worry about outstanding medical expenses with us on his side, nor answer any annoying phone calls from the insurance companies.

I personally handled his case form start to finish.  After gathering and organizing the evidence, I was able to fight for the absolute maximum policy limits settlement on his case, $125,000.00.

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