Attorney Mike Bottaro Settles Rear-End Car Accident Case

rear end accident

What do you need after a rear end car accident injury? An experienced lawyer!  Having practiced personal injury law going on two decades, I have handled at this point thousands of car accident cases. Today, I will blog about a recent a rear-end car accident settlement to provide you an idea of why you should call or text me if you find yourself in this situation.

East Greenwich Car Accident With Personal Injury

The defendant and our client were traveling west on Division Street in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Through carelessness, Defendant slammed into the back of our client, causing a Rhode Island rear end car accident.

In this case, our client was immediately injured and an ambulance took her from East Greenwich to Kent Hospital. Doctors treated and diagnosed her personal injuries – which included whiplash, a trapezius strain/sprain, and muscle spasms.

She began physical therapy treatment for several weeks, but still complained of increased back and neck pain that affects her daily activities, including turning her head while driving and sleeping. Our client was then diagnosed with whiplash associated disorder and recommended to get an x-ray of her lumbar spine.

X-rays showed that our client had severe facet arthropathy at L4-L5, a degenerative arthritis that affects the facet joints of the spine. She also suffered from multilevel disc degeneration – where one or more of the discs between the vertebrae breaks down.

Settling Property Damage and Personal Injury Claims

I personally handled this case from start to finish and made sure that our client’s needs were met, phone calls returned, and all issues resolved.

Many people are fooled by the “nice” voice of the trained auto insurance representatives and make the mistake of trying to deal with their car damage or injury case by themselves. But our client did not fall for this! Progressive, GEICO, Allstate, and the rest are out for 1 thing only — paying as little as possible!!

I helped ensure that only our office and an independent auto body shop dealt with these nasty companies, not our client.

When you are our client, we take away the headaches and stress, so you can focus on your treatment and your life.

Our client’s call to me paid off in spades. I was able to facilitate ensuring that her vehicle was totaled and she received over $20,000.00 for the total loss. Further, I navigated several denials before winning to get her damaged eyeglasses and extra rental expenses covered!

Most of all, we helped our client get better and feel better with low stress. We ensured that she got great treatment without fronting any money for co-pays, etc. and that she recovered. At the end of the day, after several more fights with the at fault Rhode Island car insurance company, I was able to secure a generous out of court settlement!

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