Westerly Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Results In Loss Of Consciousness

Throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, insurance companies who try to deny justice to our biker clients hate us.  Is it because we fight for every last dollar? Is it because we insist that our clients’ bikes are repaired with only the best parts and if totaled, that they get top dollar?  Is it because we have the best personal injury lawyers and expert witnesses ready to pounce when the insurance company tries to blame our biker? Perhaps all of the above. I can say that we are proud of our track record representing bikers and their families throughout New England. At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we only represent the bikers, never the insurance companies and personal injury is all that we do. In this blog, we are going to talk about a recent case that settled for $93,000.00 after a bad motorcycle accident. 

Westerly Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Results In Loss Of Consciousness 

One summer afternoon, we received a call from an older man and his wife who enjoy riding motorcycles together and have been riding for several years. 

Only this time, an afternoon cruise didn’t turn out the way they expected. Our client was riding his motorcycle on Ashaway Road, on Route 216 in Westerly, RI. 

As our client attempted to turn at the intersection of Route 216 and Route 91, a careless driver refused to stop at a stop sign and proceeded to take a left turn in front of our client. 

At the moment that our client was turning was the exact moment that the motor vehicle came into collision with him and his motorcycle.  His beloved bike took a heavy hit.

Close-up of damaged motorcycle handlebars

Our Client’s Bike after a Motorcycle Accident

close up of damaged motorcycle parts after accident

Our Client’s Bike after a Motorcycle Accident

close up shot of damage to back of motorcycle after accident

Our Client’s Bike after a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately, our client was flung from his bike and was left unconscious. Ashaway Rescue came to the scene and transported our client to Kent Hospital

In motorcycle accidents, head collisions are very common and can either be mild, moderate, or severe in nature. Our client sustained personal injuries to the neck, left shoulder, right arm, back and to his head which caused him to lose consciousness. 

close up of skin abrasion on the top right of a man's shoulder

Our Client’s injuries from a motorcycle accident

close up of head and scalp abrasions on exterior of male head

Our Client’s injuries from a motorcycle accident

skin abrasions on lower right side of male's back

Our Client’s injuries from a motorcycle accident

What To Do When The Insurance Company Blames Me For A Bike Accident? Text Bottaro Injury Lawyers!  

All insurance companies attempt to blame motorcyclists almost every time there is a car accident.  There are many reasons for this.  In this case, it was no different.

But at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we know how to stand up to the insurance companies.  In this case, we immediately had investigators on the case, scouring for the evidence. As we built the case, we knew our client was a victim and ultimately, we were able to get the win for our client. The defendant clearly blew the stop sign and we were able to prove it!

We later were able to get this huge settlement after careful court preparation and fighting hard.  Our client had more than enough money for medical expenses, treatment, and future endeavors for him to fix up his bike and get back to cruising with his wife!  

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