National Pain Awareness Month - How to Treat Different Personal Injuries

The American Chronic Pain Association has declared the month of September as “Pain Awareness Month.” This is a time to raise awareness of issues in the areas of pain and pain management. Whether it is from a chronic injury, or pain from a recent car or motorcycle accident, it is always best to put take care of yourself.

How to Manage Different Injuries

The only way to feel better after getting injured is to take action and get treatment. After an auto accident, one of the first things your personal injury lawyer will tell you to do is seek treatment. Some of the most common types of accident injuries are back and neck injuries. What type of treatment is best for these injuries?

  • Back injuries: The most seen personal injuries after an accident are back sprains, torn ligaments and herniated discs.
    • Sprains and torn ligaments: Going to physical therapy or a chiropractor is one of the best things you could do after hurting your back in an auto accident. Physical therapy will help you build up your strength and ease your pain. Chiropractors can provide you a non-invasive, drug-free pain relief as well, along with helping you avoid long-term pain.
    • Herniated discs: Herniated discs can be treated multiple ways. Avoiding painful positions and following planned exercises from a physical therapist can relieve symptoms, but cortisone injections can be used as well. These are inflammation-suppressing injections inserted directly into the area around the spinal nerves.
  • Neck injuries: Whiplash is an extremely common personal injury people experience after getting into an auto accident. Symptoms might not show right away, but getting treatment immediately is extremely important.
    • Whiplash: If your whiplash pain is ongoing, a physical therapist could provide exercises that will strengthen muscles and restore normal movement and range-of-motion in the neck. Some other forms of treatment that could relieve whiplash symptoms are chiropractors, where they can perform joint manipulation techniques to provide pain relief – especially when paired with physical therapy and exercises.

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