Pawtucket, Rhode Island Car Accident Personal Injury $105,000.00 Settlement

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Have you suffered a shoulder injury in a car accident? This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and in today’s blog, I review a recent successful policy limit RI car accident personal injury settlement involving a shoulder injury.

RI Car Accident With Labral Tear Shoulder Injury Resulting In Surgery

Pawtucket, Rhode Island includes many intersections with stop signs. In this case, the at fault driver blew through a stop sign, t-boning our client who had the right of way.

Our client was a 30 year old healthy married mother of three who works as a CNA. She had no history of any prior shoulder injuries. In immediate pain, she went for emergency medical treatment where multiple injuries were diagnosed. She was held out of work and her car badly damaged.

Her doctor referred her for physical therapy but the shoulder injury did not get better. Bills were piling up, insurance companies were making harassing calls.

This is where I was grateful that our client texted me here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC. Our firm offers 24/7 free consultations and boy did she need help.  I jumped on the case, handling all aspects myself, along with my great team.

How Much Is A Shoulder Injury Car Accident Personal Injury Case Worth?

Shoulder injuries that do not resolve can be worth a significant amount of money with the best personal injury lawyer! Our client (like most of my clients) was not out for money, but rather needed help with the process, paperwork, forms, advice, and everything else you do not even know about after an unexpected car accident with personal injuries. In Rhode Island, navigating medical bills can be a nightmare – even when the crash was not your fault!

So several weeks later she was referred to an orthopedic doctor for her continued shoulder pain and was sent for an MRI where a superior labral tear was discovered.

After months of treatment and injections her pain and discomfort worsened. Our client underwent a right shoulder arthroscopic surgery to repair her tear. Our client completed another round of physical therapy, and has much improved. She is now back to being the best mother ever!

On the legal side, I continued hard at work gathering the evidence, conducting research, and working hard to value how much her case was worth.  There are many factors that go into a great personal injury lawyer’s valuation of damages. In this case, in addition to the medical expenses and lost wages, I researched her pain and suffering and potential future issues. There are very important details to work out and communicate to the insurance company and their lawyers. Although the insurance company agreed the defendant was at fault, they fought us tooth and nail on valuing the pain and suffering. At the end of this hard work, I was able to successfully resolve our client’s case in an efficient out of court manner.

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