Massachusetts Slip and Fall: Bottaro Lawyers Secure $185,000 Settlement

Did you know that if someone’s negligence causes you an injury while on the job, you may be able to recover money for both a personal injury and worker’s compensation settlement?  As Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, we recently settled a local case with both components.  In today’s blog, I will give you a closer look into the case!

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we take pride in helping Massachusetts citizens recover monetary compensation and other benefits after a work injury such is the case here, a slip and fall personal injury.

Our experienced slip and fall personal injury lawyers are prepared to help you with you premises liability claim.

Can I Recover for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation?

Yes.  In this case, we were able to obtain a settlement on our client’s personal injury case.  Additionally, since our client was injured while on the job, he also received worker’s compensation benefits.  So, it is certainly possible for a personal injury victim injured on the job to collect two settlements. We can help with that!

In this slip and fall case, our client was working making a delivery at a business in Lawrence, MA.  To make this delivery, he needed to travel down a metal staircase.  At the time, the stairway was missing a handrail (later, after the injury, the business added the rail, shown below).

Pictured is a close-up photo of the actual stairs in question in our client’s case. As you can see, the business added a metal railing… only after our client’s injury.

The slip and fall caused our client to reach out but there was no handrail to help him.  Instead, he fell hard on the concrete pictured above, directly on his shoulder and side.

In pain, another person witnessed the fall and came to his aid.  That witness told our client that while the step remained broken for a long time, no one had cared to fix it.  Our client was experiencing a lot of pain in his shoulder and was later seen at Fatima Hospital for x-rays and further evaluation.

How Much is My (Shoulder) Personal Injury Worth?

If you are looking into “how much is my case worth,” including a shoulder injury, you should understand that each case is unique. Fir instance, there are numerous factors that go into a range of case value.

In this case, our client received emergency medical treatment.  The diagnoses were grim. He had tears throughout his shoulder, as well as biceps injuries.  Worse, our client had a decades old shoulder injury that even resulted in hardware placement.  This slip and fall caused new injuries, in addition to aggravating his old injury.

After Fatma Hospital’s evaluation, they referred our client to an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation.  He ultimately required significant surgery and follow-up rehabilitation. Needless to say, our client’s personal injuries kept him out of work and led to significant lost wages.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers we are proud and honored to fight for our clients’ rights.  In this case, we actually litigated the case in federal court, filing a lawsuit in U.S. District for Massachusetts.

Through the civil discovery court process, we ultimately landed our client a $185,000.00 settlement.

Slip and fall injuries can create not only lifetime injuries, but also financial headaches.  Mentally, experiencing a fall with a serious personal injury can also lead to future mental health issues like PTSD or anxiety about slip and falls.

One of the most common personal injury lawsuits that is brought against employers, franchises, and even medical facilities, is on the basis of tort law or premises liability.

A lot of the times, it is pure negligence and carelessness that causes these trip and fall accidents to occur.  A simple wet floor sign can prevent a slip and fall in a grocery store after a spill, or having an employer clean up the mess before someone gets hurt.

We are pleased that our client called us when he did!  It is hard to fight premises liability cases alone, let Bottaro Injury Lawyers help you!

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