Personal Injury Corner: Our Favorite Law Movie, My Cousin Vinny Turns 30 Years Old!

“There have been many courtroom dramas that have glorified The Great American Legal System… This is not one of them.” Can you believe the iconic movie, “My Cousin Vinny,” came out thirty years ago?

My Cousin Vinny

“My Cousin Vinny” movie poster

In 1992, My Cousin Vinny came out to movie theaters everywhere.  Who can forget the performances of Marisa Tomei (who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress) and Joe Pesci.  But too, were Fred Gwynne and even the Karate Kid, Ralph Nacchio!

What do you love about this classic legal movie?

For me, as a personal injury lawyer, there are so many fun and even wise teachings in the film!  For example, it takes courage and guts to appear in Court (especially in a ruffled pink tuxedo or black leather coat).  In between the laughs, you can learn a lot about law.  

The film is actually quite real in terms of showing how the rules of evidence apply, picking a jury, opening and closing statements, and the general course of a jury trial.

Joe Pesci’s character shows one of the most important traits of a great trial lawyer – grit and determination!  Although he is clearly not the smartest lawyer, with the help of Marissa Tomei, he diligently learns the law and prepares his case!

My Cousin Vinny is not only a comedy that is worth watching, but a funny yet intelligent perspective of a trial. If you haven’t already, you need to watch this classic! 

My Cousin Vinny

A courtroom scene from the movie “My Cousin Vinny”

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