Litigation News: Mike Settles Postal Worker’s Truck Accident Case For Over $535,000.00 After Expert Disclosures

On the morning of April 10, 2020, a laborer for a landscaping company was rushing to get to work. He had taken the company’s commercial pickup truck home the night before and was now fighting traffic to make it to the lot on time. Meanwhile, 33-year-old postal worker Amanda had just finished working the third shift. Her friend was driving her home and she sat tiredly in the passenger seat.  Fate would place Amanda in the wrong spot at the wrong moment: As both vehicles approached an intersection in Woonsocket, the laborer ran a red light, smashing into the side of Amanda’s vehicle, sending it careening into a third parked vehicle.  Amanda took the brunt of this violent truck accident – seated directly at the point of impact.  Her life would be changed in a flash.

Truck Accident Case

Above: The resting place of the vehicles in this Woonsocket, Rhode Island truck accident.

Rescue rushed Amanda to Rhode Island Hospital where her mother met her and surgeons assessed multiple pelvic fractures amongst other personal injuries.  Within days, she reached out to our team here at The Bottaro Law Firm.  I was blessed to represent Amanda in a challenging truck accident case that went into court.

Tuck Accident Postal Worker

Above: Mike Meeting With Postal Worker
Amanda After Her Settlement

Woonsocket RI Car Accident With Fractured Hip Bones, Superior Court 

The road back and the legal journey I have been blessed to walk with Amanda have been difficult.  The physical rehabilitation from the hip fractures alone is difficult and will likely include residual symptoms as she ages.  Amanda tens of thousands of dollars from lost wages and medical expenses.

Truck Accident Amanda's Injuries

Above: X-rays of Amanda’s fractured hips

These losses are not reimbursed unless and until we can make a settlement.

Litigating Amanda’s Personal Injury Case In Providence Superior Court

At Bottaro Law, our team of caring professionals was able to recover a video of the truck accident from a local store owner that proved the laborer ran the red light. 

We began to put other pieces of the case together, including meeting and hiring expert witnesses.

Truck Accident injuries

Above: Amanda on crutches after the accident

When the laborer’s insurer refused to offer a fair settlement out of court, I filed suit and we litigated the case in Providence Superior Court. For a complex injury like this, we spare no expense in hiring the best orthopedic, nurse, and life care planning experts.  As we proceeded, we kept Amanda updated and helped with advice as she made steady improvements in her recovery.

After videotaped live depositions, expert disclosures, and pre-trial work, the laborer’s insurer drastically increased its efforts and offers to settle the case.

Our grateful client, Amanda, now has a tax-free settlement that provides her with the financial security to cover her losses and prepare for her future needs.

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