Progressive Insurance Breaks The Law In Rhode Island, To Pay Almost $2 Million To Citizens

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The State of RI’s investigation into Progressive Insurance’s billing practices culminated in a claim that Progressive over charged nearly 5,000 Rhode Islanders, illegally bilking them of nearly $2 million.

Specifically, WPRI-12 reported that a consent agreement with the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation claims that 4,933 Progressive policies over a five-year span were “surcharged out of compliance, using a six month renewal period instead of a twelve month renewal period.”

The payment includes Progressive agreeing to pay a fine of just $10,000.00. Do you think Progressive can afford it? Progressive is a massive Wall Street publicly traded company, listed 112 on the Fortune 500 list. It writes well over $20 BILLION in premiums annually.

But somehow, Progressive Insurance for auto insurance in RI feels it has to overcharge our citizens.

This is not the first time an insurance company was forced to refund their clients. Last year, the State of RI found that Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company owed over $200,000.00 to 279 Rhode Island policy holders who were erroneously surcharged.  Esurance is part of Allstate Insurance company.

Best Rhode Island Auto Insurance Companies? Not!

In my experience, large publicly traded auto insurance companies like Progressive and Allstate, routinely place their corporate greed ahead of following the law. While the above examples relate to billing practices, the trend is seen frequently after you have been involved in a Rhode Island car accident.

Unlike the best Rhode Island auto insurance companies, Progressive and Allstate maintain a large payroll of “investigators” and “inhouse lawyers” they pay bonuses to in order to minimize what they pay you in medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering — when the car accident and your personal injury was NOT your fault!

The misconduct of Progressive and Allstate above is evidence that you should not go against them alone after a car accident personal injury. In Rhode Island and Massachusetts where I practice law, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC fights these bullies everyday.

Our team knows how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies, and how to distinguish between good and bad-faith delays and denials.

Many times, insurance companies will always try to use bad-faith practices against you. It is not fair for the insurance companies to take advantage of their clients, and the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC is ready to help you fight back.

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