Can I Sue Someone for Running a Red Light and Hitting Me?

close up of a red traffic light

How many times have you seen someone run a red light? If you suffer personal injuries in a car accident caused by someone who ran a red light, you do have important legal rights, including the right to bring a negligence case against the at-fault driver. 

Running a red light is dangerous, as you can see from the recent $94,000.00 car accident settlement that we obtained for our grateful client.

Providence Rhode Island Car Accident Settlement By Bottaro Law

One day, a careless driver ran a red light on Broad Street in Providence. Our client was traveling with the green light when this careless driver slammed into him.

Our client was in immediate pain.  The Providence Fire Department came out to the scene. The impact of the car accident was strong enough to put our client in immediate pain and leave the at-fault driver unconscious. 

Our client suffered immediate pain in his back, neck, and left leg. The pain was radiating down his back and causing a lot of traumas. Our client was seen at the emergency room at Rhode Island Hospital and his truck was deemed a total loss. 

The crash caused significant spine injuries.  Due to the back disc problems, our client needed months of conservative treatment as well as spinal injections to avoid back surgery.

We were able obtain a higher than usual settlement here through hard work, diligence, and investigation.  

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The Bottaro Team

Red light runners are one of the most common causes of accidents. According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety & Highway Loss Data Institute, 928 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running in 2020.  Our client was grateful he has recovered and we were able to successfully settle his car accident case.

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