Recent Fatal Hatfield MA Crash Shows Pickup Trucks Are Prone to Rollover Incidents

Recent Fatal Hatfield MA Crash Shows Pickup Trucks Are Prone to Rollover Incidents

On July 22, 2016, Massachusetts State Police reported that a Shelburne man had been killed in a rollover crash involving his pickup truck on Interstate 91 near Hatfield. Initial reports indicated the truck might have sustained a flat tire. The driver, who was not wearing a seat belt, apparently swerved, and the truck rolled over, ejecting him from the cab.

Rollovers Are All Too Common with Pickup Trucks

According to Consumer Reports, taller, narrower vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and vans – with their higher centers of gravity – are much more susceptible than traditional cars to rollovers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that as many as 95 percent of pickup truck rollovers result when the vehicle “trips” on something, such as when the vehicle leaves the roadway and slides sideways, digging its tires into soft soil or striking an object such as a curb or guardrail. The high tripping force applied to the tires in these situations can cause the vehicle to roll over.

Tire Grip Paradox

The gripping force of a pickup truck’s tires can actually work against it. That is to say that in most instances, one wants a strong grip between the four tires and the roadway. A good grip aids in driving in poor weather and in stopping. On the other hand, too much tire grip can allow excessive sideway forces to build up until the vehicle flips when it has an impact with the curb or other object.

Rollovers Are Less Prevalent in Newer SUVs and Trucks, But Still a Problem

Responding to pressures from the government and consumers, vehicle manufacturers have improved the safety features in most newer SUVs and light trucks. Actual rollover ratings are available from NHTSA. Still, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 1,868 pickup truck occupants were killed in rollover crashes during 2014, the last years for which full data is available.

Victims of Vehicle Crashes May Recover Damages

The fatal Hatfield rollover accident in I-91 occurred in just an instant. While a tire may have been at the cause of the incident, investigators are still determining the nature of the crash. As many of us know, lives can be lost or changed forever in a split second due to a motor vehicle crash. Families may lose those upon whom they depend economically. Survivors of crashes can face huge medical costs and lost time from work, as well as pain and suffering. Quite often, motor vehicle crash victims may recover money damages for their losses. In most instances, however, the crash victim needs the assistance of a highly skilled attorney.

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