At Fault Car Accident Driver Ran Red Light, Bottaro Law Settles Case For Grateful Client

How many times have you seen someone run a red light? The traffic light changes quickly from yellow to red. It is important to always slow down when the light turns yellow and not change speeding through a red light. 

red light

Red Traffic Light

Providence Rhode Island Car Accident With Multiple Personal Injuries 

Our client was a victim of red light running. As she was traveling on Broadway Street in Providence, a careless driver drove right through the light at a high speed. 

red sport utility vehicle showing major scrape damage to driver's side after accident

Our client’s vehicle after the crash

The at fault driver t-boned our client as he proceeded through the red light. Not only did she suffer from immediate pain, but she was also 4 months’ pregnant at the time of the accident. 

Providence Fire Department was at the scene and our client was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital by Rescue. Our client suffered personal injuries to her back and her left hip. Her baby was ok!

How Do I Get The Best Rhode Island Car Accident Settlement?

To get the best car accident settlement, you should hire an experienced personal injury law firm as soon as possible.  

In texting us right away, we were able to jump into the investigation to obtain the evidence to prove that the at fault driver in the car accident ran the red light at the intersection of Broadway Street and Olneyville. 

The legal support on our client’s case was enough to not only demand a settlement amount that would be enough to pay for our client’s medical treatment but also pay for a new vehicle for her and her family. 

According to The Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2020, 928 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running. Fortunately, in a recent Providence Rhode Island car accident, our pregnant client and her baby survived and have gotten better through medical treatment.

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