Rhode Island and Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers Give Back: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Again Sponsor Meeting Street Telethon!

Last Saturday, Rhode Island and Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers at Bottaro Injury Lawyers had the honor of serving as a corporate sponsor for the 48th Annual Meeting Street Telethon. Firm visionary and personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro attended with associates Briana, Ashleigh, and Megan. The event was televised live on Rhode Island’s very own WPRI Channel 12. The Telethon was hosted by WPRI 12 anchors Mike Montecalvo and Shannon Hegy, and meteorologist Tony Petrarca.

The Bottaro Injury Lawyers team holding the firm’s donation check to Meeting Street!

What is Meeting Street’s Annual Telethon?

The Meeting Street School is a specialized school fostering a learning environment where children of all abilities have realized their goals for growth since 1946. The Meeting Street School provides education opportunities to children from pre-natal through the age of 22. Their services are some of the most progressive in the country! Meeting Street students Declyn, Lamont, Zane, and Amalya were the face of this year’s event.

The Annual Telethon is Meetings Street’s largest fundraising event! It’s held at the Eddy Street location in Providence, right next door to our law firm. As a neighborly sentiment, Bottaro Injury Lawyers has been a dedicated sponsor for one year shy of a decade! We will continue to support Meeting Street because of the essential resources it provides to our community.

The theme of the night was Team Meeting Street! Baseball decorations lined the event space and team shirts were handed out to attendees. Aside from the live fundraiser, there were a variety of activities at the event. The ‘Crushed It’ segment featured Meeting Street school students trying their hand at cake decorating! The Telethon is all about the children, so of course a kid’s area for students to play and celebrate with their fellow schoolmates was available.

A fun addition to this year’s activities was the Social Media Bullpen sponsored by HarborOne Bank! Meeting Street representative, Addie, interviewed various sponsors and attendees for a live Social Media broadcast. Attorney Mike Bottaro was happy to say a few words about our sponsorship and experience with the Meeting Street School over the years.

Bottaro Injury Lawyer’s Fundraising Efforts

This year, corporate sponsors and community members alone raised a grand total of $632,126! Bottaro Injury Lawyers contributed $15,000 to support Meeting Street’s fundraising efforts.

On behalf of Bottaro Injury Lawyers, Mike presented the $15,000 check with Meeting Street student Lamont and his family! It’s always a joy to meet the students and families who attend The Meeting Street School. Their positive energy and full hearts are a true representation of Meeting Street’s impact on their lives. Donations work to ensure these children and their families have access to Meeting Street’s life-changing services.

group photo holding large donation check

Attorney Mike Bottaro, Lamont, and his family presenting Bottaro Injury Lawyers’ donation check!

Apart from our donation, 3 of our team members had the opportunity to take calls live from the Telethon Phone Bank! Donors from all over the state called in and pledged their donations to support this incredible organization. It’s a pleasure to speak to gracious donors and hear their stories about their time at The Meeting Street School, and the benefits Meeting Street’s programs have had on their lives.

Photo of WPRI Channel 12’s Telethon Phone Bank!

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers’ Passion for the Community

This Multi-Campus organization serves children and families across New England with Campuses located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Campuses are in Providence, Dartmouth, and New Bedford. To learn more about The Meeting Street School’s history and mission, click here.

As personal injury lawyers, we are passionate about uplifting our community and doing what’s right. This is the driving force behind our long-time relationship with The Meeting Street School. We continue to be a proud sponsor of this annual event and look forward to seeing what’s in store for next year! Go, Team Meeting Street!

Bottaro Injury Lawyers gives back in more ways than one. Visit our Ministry page to learn more about our community initiatives throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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