Rhode Island and Massachusetts Slip and Fall Attorney: When is a Landlord Liable for My Slip and Fall Injuries?

Did you know that landlords in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care when managing their property? As a local Rhode Island and Massachusetts slip and fall attorney, it is important to us that our potential clients know more about this standard of care.

When you walk into an apartment complex, condominium complex, or other type of managed property, you expect to feel safe. If a landlord, property owner, or other responsible party fails to keep common areas safe, they should be on the hook for any personal injuries occupants and invited guests sustain as a result of slipping, tripping, and falling on unaddressed hazards.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we have a track record of success in handling slip and fall and other premises liability cases. If you have questions about you or a loved one’s injuries after a slip and fall, call us to discuss your case.

Generally, in order to prove that a landlord is liable (at fault) in your slip and fall case, you must prove that the landlord failed to exercise reasonable care in a way that directly caused you to slip, fall, and sustain personal injuries.

Today’s blog covers 3 ways landlords often fail to exercise reasonable care. If a landlord fails to exercise reasonable care, there is an increased likelihood that they are at fault for your injuries. However, it is critical to speak to a skilled and local attorney about the details of your slip and fall accident!

1. Failure to Keep Common Areas in Reasonably Safe Conditions.

Landlords are required to keep areas that are open to tenants, occupants, and visitors in reasonably safe conditions. This includes areas like common hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, sidewalks, and lobbies. Some examples of common slip and fall causes include failure to fix broken sidewalks, failure to clean and dry slippery or wet surfaces, and failure to maintain walkable stairwells or reliable handrails.

If you slip and fall in a common area, assess your injuries and call for medical assistance. If you are able to, document as much as you can about the scene – take photos, write down important details, and collect any witness information. All of these details will help your Rhode Island or Massachusetts slip and fall attorney, like us at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, determine the value of your case!

2. Failure to Remove Unsafe Conditions in a Reasonable Amount of Time.

Landlords are generally required to remove or otherwise remedy issues within a reasonable amount of time. For example, if a property owner or their employee notices a slippery walkway, they should timely address it.

This principle also applies to snow and ice removal. While landlords cannot prevent winter weather, they generally have a duty to remove the natural accumulation of snow and ice in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind though, the amount of reasonable time associated with snow removal generally differs between Rhode Island and Massachusetts. That’s why it’s important to discuss with your attorney exactly where your slip and fall occurred!

3. Failure to Fix Something in Your Home After Agreeing to Do So.

Generally, you are responsible for the personal injuries you sustain in your own home. However, if your landlord agrees or otherwise assumes a duty to fix something in your home and fails to do so, thereby causing you to slip, fall, and sustain personal injuries, you may have a viable slip and fall case.

In short, landlords have a duty to exercise reasonable care toward common areas. They may also create a duty for themselves by agreeing to fix something on your personal property. While landlords are generally given reasonable time to remedy unsafe conditions, there are exceptions and nuances to these rules that a skilled and local Rhode Island or Massachusetts slip and fall attorney can discuss with you when evaluating your slip and fall case. Contact us now if you think you are owed compensation after a slip and fall or other premises liability case!

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