Rhode Island Auto Accident Injury Decision: Know Your Legal Rights

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What legal duties does your auto insurance company owe you after a car accident in Rhode Island? Recently, the Rhode Island Supreme Court revisited some issues that shed light on this question in a case entitled, Summit Insurance Company v. Eric Stricklett, et al., 199 A.3d 523 (R.I. 2019). If you have been injured in a car accident here, you should be aware of the following principles:

  1. Your Auto Insurance Policy Is A Contract That Gives You Rights
    Rhode Island auto insurance policies contain important language. You have paid a monthly premium, and in exchange, your car insurance company agrees to cover you in the event of a car accident. After a car accident, especially a car accident with personal injuries, I can help review your policy with you to determine the specific rights that you may have within your policy. Almost daily, I am reviewing auto cases involving GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and Amica, to name a few of the Rhode Island auto insurance companies that write policies here.
  2. Your Auto Insurance Company Is Supposed To Treat You Fairly
    Outside of the policy itself, there are important laws that provide you with additional rights against your own car insurance company.  For example, Rhode Island has a fair claims settlement act statutory scheme and case law regarding specific rights such as the duties of good faith and fair dealing.
  3. If Your Auto Insurance Does Not Treat You Fairly, We Can Help Achieve Justice For You
    The Summit decision involved a dispute between an insurance company and injured party after a RI car accident that resulted in injuries. In that case, the lawyers investigated whether the injured party could proceed on bad faith type claims against an adverse party’s insurer. In that case, the Court held that such a duty does not run to the injured party absent an assignment from the insured. But there are many cases where I have been able to prevail for an injured party against their own insurance company when the company does not treat its own customer fairly.

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