Rhode Island Test Drive Car Accident Case Settles For $75,000.00 By Bottaro Injury Lawyers

In today’s personal injury blog, we highlight a client’s recent test drive gone wrong.  Our personal injury firm serves Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  As such, we understand that personal injuries, like the one in today’s article, happen often.  Therefore, we offer free case reviews 24/7 to our communities.

Warwick, Rhode Island Test Drive Gone Wrong

Our young client was helping his father sell his vehicle.  One day, a potential buyer came to their house to test drive the vehicle before purchase.  Test driving vehicles is a common part of vehicle sales.  However, this test drive turned out to be out to be atypical, and instead dangerous, traumatic, and painful.

Test Car Inside

The inside of the vehicle after the accident.

The potential buyer hopped in the driver’s seat with our young client and his friend.  As the driver continued down Sandy Lane in Warwick, he began to pick up too much speed.  The reckless driver attempted to “drift” at high speeds (around 80mph) when he lost control of the wheel and crashed the car.

Car Accident Results In 6 Pelvic Fractures And Immediate Surgery

A witness from Warwick pulled over and called 911.  He witnessed the crash and reported how fast the careless driver was going.

The vehicle, a total loss, was towed from the scene.  Our client was left with a concussion and escalating pain.

Test Car 2

The outside of the vehicle after the accident.

The Warwick Fire Department came to the scene and rushed our client to Rhode Island Hospital for immediate surgery.  He sustained personal injuries to his pelvic area — resulting in 6 pelvic fractures — broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a lacerated spleen and liver.

Did you know that according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, passenger vehicle occupant deaths represented 62% of the 42,939 motor vehicle crash deaths in 2021?  Fortunately, this was avoided here.  However, it would be some time before out client could return to school and sports.  Additionally, he would also be out of work and have a long road to recovery.

Contacting Bottaro Injury Lawyers ASAP!

Test Car Accident Injury

Our client and his mother holding hands at Rhode Island Hospital after the test drive accident.

Luckily, our client’s mother never left his side and did the right thing by calling our firm right away!  We will never forget our client’s mother’s fearful voice as she called us desperately searching for help.  We knew that we could to help her and support her son and family through this tragedy.

Immediately after we received his mother’s call, our investigation team started gathering evidence for our client’s file.  We were able to obtain police reports, witness statements, and dig deeper into the reckless driver that got behind the wheel with our client and his friend.

Our client’s injuries after the accident.

Post surgery, our client needed several months of recovery and later rehabilitation.  He missed time from work, school, and was traumatized from the car accident.

Seeking Justice For Our Client And Fighting Against Denied Coverage

We encouraged him to heal and let us take care of the harassing billing and insurance companies.  We gathered all his medical expenses and lost wages to bring forward to the insurance company to seek a settlement that would not only cover his losses, but be enough for the pain, suffering, and his future.

After they tried to deny coverage, we persisted and demanded that the insurance company help not only our client, but their insured when they were not at fault for the accident.  We were able to settle on $75,000.00 and therefore grant our client a higher settlement than he ever expected.

Seeing our client back on his feet, healing and slowing getting back into the swing of things was all worth it for us! He would now have a settlement to put away from college and to help pay off any other expenses that arise from future therapy he may need.

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