Rhode Islander Who Suffers New Hampshire Rear-End Car Accident Gets Settlement

We can help you with out-of-state car accident claims.  If you are injured in another state, you can of course still enforce your legal rights. In today’s blog, I am sharing a recent successful settlement for our Warwick, Rhode Island client who suffered personal injuries in a New Hampshire car accident.

Car Accident Settlement Case Worth Involving Cervical Neck Personal Injuries

While visiting a friend in New Hampshire, another driver slammed into her, causing a rear end car accident.  You can see from the photo below, this car accident involved heavy property damage to her car:

Rear-End Car Accident

Our client’s damaged vehicle

Our client was in immediate neck and head pain.  Ambulance had to transport her to a local hospital.

She contacted me within hours of the crash, which greatly increased her chances of getting the best advice and legal settlement.  

As our team jumped into the case, we really got to know our client. She worked hard in a call center as a customer service representative, putting in long hours in a seated position.  Of note, she had a prior history of cervical fusion surgery.

This car accident aggravated her pre-existing cervical condition and also caused new neck and back personal injuries that were clearly diagnosed.

Our client needed rehabilitation after surgery. Not only would our client need medical treatment, but her doctors restricted her from work due to the injuries.

Car Accident

Medical team discussing cervical injuries

Out Of Work With Medical Bills – Get The Best RI Car Accident Lawyer To Fight The Insurance Companies! 

Although the rear end car accident was not her fault, nothing was easy about the case.

Being injured and treated out of state meant hassles in getting her bills properly paid and car damage paid.

In the legal case, the out of state insurance company was uncooperative from the start.  But by getting me involved early, we were able to make progress.

I personally helped her with advice on the above issues and with our team, getting her paid for her car, lost wages, medical bills, and more!

Our client was not only out of work, but she had to use public transportation, which was adding up in expenses as well. The settlement funds helped reimburse our client, pay bills, and also provided additional tax free dollars for her pain and suffering.  Perhaps most important, our client recovered and so she could return to work and get back into a vehicle! 

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