RI Ambulance Personnel Drop Patient, Resulting in Multiple Fractures, $125,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement

Ambulance companies play an important part in our health care system.  Everyday throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, these drivers and their assistants help ensure that our elderly, sick, and injured get safely to and from the hospital and medical appointments.  But what happens when ambulance personnel drop a patient, causing these patients personal injuries?

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we take pride in helping anyone who suffers a personal injury whether it be from an ambulance accident, car accident, or other type of professional negligence.

From the case I highlight today, you can see how negligence by ambulance personnel during a routine transport can have terrible effects on our personal injury clients.

Providence, Rhode Island Ambulance Accident During Transport Causes Multiple Fractures, Personal Injuries

Our client was an elderly amputee suffering from late stage ailments associated with diabetes.  It had been less than a year since his partial amputation.  It was time for a follow-up appointment with his doctor at Rhode Island Hospital.

Since he is unable to drive, our client has to put all of his trust in the health care community’s hands.  He must trust an ambulance company to drive him to doctor’s appointments.  As you might imagine, ambulance companies are paid handsomely everyday for these basic services.

But one day, tragedy unfolded.

Once the ambulance driver and his assistant arrived, they had to take our client out of the back of the ambulance and wheel him to the appointment.  Suddenly, these ambulance personnel drop our patient in the middle of the street!

Our client slammed onto the asphalt.  In immediate pain, and with little clothing, this became a nightmare.

Our client had to be immediately re-routed for emergency care.

Upon arrival to Rhode Island Hospital, X-rays showed that he had suffered multiple fractures to his wrist, body bruising, and facial lacerations.  Additionally, he had severe anxiety.  No longer was this a routine prosthetic leg follow up.

Our client’s emergency wrist injury.

When we first received the call, our team of personal injury professionals were passionate about helping him.

Our personal injury lawyers and paralegals offered support, care, and ultimately helped him with his personal injury claim against the medical transportation company.  Our investigation team took on the ambulance company and their insurance company.  We wanted him to feel at ease while he recovered and let us do all the work!  For our legal professional Samantha, it was an important case: “It was a type of personal injury case where you remember why we love everything we do.  I am so happy that I got to help this client get the settlement he deserved!”

Pedestrian Car Accident Case Manager

Samantha, the passionate case manager in our client’s case.

Can I Sue an Ambulance Company for Negligence?

Yes.  People should understand that ambulance companies and their personnel are just as liable for their negligence as any other entity.  In this case, it was important to pursue justice and shine a light on this atrocity so the company can take steps to minimize such future carelessness.

Recovering financial losses for pain and suffering and medical expenses is what our team strives to do best, while supporting our clients through the entire process.  No one should have to fight against an at-fault insurance company alone, especially without the experience of Bottaro Injury Lawyers.  While our client was in a rehabilitation center healing, we focused on getting liability accepted and getting him a settlement that would pay off all his medical expenses, rehabilitation bills, and financial losses from being out of work. Additionally, we worked hard to also obtain a higher settlement that would help him with the pain and suffering after everything he had been through.

We were all grateful to help in this situation.  As the case proceeded, we were able to keep him out of court, holding the ambulance company (through their insurance company) responsible for this reckless misconduct.  We hope that this helps ensure nothing like this occurs within this company again.  Our client did the right thing by calling us right away and putting his trust in us after everything he had been through!

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