RI Apartment Slip and Fall: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Secure $175,000.00 Settlement for Wet Tile Floor Slip and Fall Injuries

No one wants to feel like they are in danger in their own home. While we can control potentially dangerous conditions inside our homes, we trust property management companies to keep outside common areas free and clear of dangerous obstacles. Nevertheless, RI apartment slip and fall accidents still occur.

In a recent slip and fall case, attorneys at Bottaro Injury Lawyers handled a property management company that failed to keep their laundry floor clear and dry for their tenants. As you can imagine, this resulted in serious injuries for our client.

Photo of the water our client slipped on.

RI Apartment Slip and Fall on Wet Tile Floor Leads to Painful Arm and Wrist Injuries

Our client, a then 24-year-old full-time employee, was eating dinner with his father, like any other day. After dinner, our client and his father decided to walk down the apartment complex stairway to the laundry floor. As our client reached the bottom of the stairs, he rounded the corner to head towards the washing machines.

After only taking a few steps, he suddenly slipped and fell. Out of instinct, our client held out his dominant arm to catch himself. As a result, he landed hard on his left wrist.  This led to our client feeling extreme and immediate pain in his wrist up to his elbow. He also felt a strong tingling sensation up his entire arm.

Emergency personnel met our client and his father on the laundry floor and transported our client to Kent Hospital. At the hospital, doctors put his wrist in a splint. This only marked the beginning of our client’s road to recovery.

RI Apartment Slip and Fall Client’s Continued Pain Treatment and Lost Wages

At Kent Hospital, our client was referred to an orthopedic doctor for further evaluation. At his first orthopedic appointment, doctors re-casted our client and told him to not put any weight on his arm for four weeks.

Our client hurt his dominant hand and wrist in the slip and fall accident. Before the accident, he was gainfully employed in a job that required him to complete heavy lifting.

In total, our client was out from work for eight weeks, all while maintaining a level 5-6 pain throughout his recovery.

Our client felt severe wrist and arm pain for weeks, watched as medical bills piled up, and lost his income from time off work, all while trying to navigate stressful phone calls from insurance companies. After you sustain personal injuries, life becomes tougher.

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How Can the Slip and Fall Attorneys at Bottaro Injury Lawyers Help Me?

Once our client hired us, we immediately began investigating the situation. Our client’s father witnessed our client slip and fall and took pictures of the floor’s condition in real time. With our client’s father’s statement and photos, among other case details, we were able to prove the management company’s fault.

We also worked hard to calculate the value of our client’s case, taking into account all doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In the end, we secured a $175,000.00 settlement for our client to cover all expenses and more. We were honored to help this client see through to the end of his slip and fall case!

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