RI Personal Injury Advice: Should I Settle My Case? 3 Facts.

At Bottaro Law, our personal injury lawyers have settled thousands of cases over the years.  Or I should say, our clients have accepted thousands of settlements. Because, the truth is that you, the client, are ridiculously in control as to deciding whether to settle your case or not.  In today’s blog, I hope to share some helpful information on settlement.


1. The Goal In Your Personal Injury Case Is To Obtain The Best Outcome In The Most Efficient Manner. 

Serving those injured in a car accident, slip and fall, work injury, or other personal injuries means that it is the personal injury lawyer’s job to explain the process to you, our client.  We are here to help you walk through a difficult time and help you get through the legal process as efficiently as possible in your specific situation.  Every case is different.  But overall, we want to get you the best outcome as quickly as possible.  This may start with helping you with your property damage claim for damage after a car accident, or it could mean helping you to obtain at home nursing care.  You should know that the best personal injury lawyers and their team should be focused on this goal.  As for settlement of your personal injury case, having great communication on what is the “best outcome” and what is “most efficient” is critical to our team here at Bottaro Law.  


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2. Whether To Accept A Personal Injury Settlement Is The Client’s Decision.

We get a lot of calls from people who have hired other lawyers who are dissatisfied and looking to hire us.  Some call saying, “My lawyer got me a low settlement.”  My response is that it is more accurate to say that your lawyer “brought you a settlement proposal.” It is your decision, as the client, whether accept or reject that proposal.


3. The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Will Provide You With The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Case.

In deciding whether you should settle your personal injury case, you simply need the wisdom and advice of a great legal team that cares about putting your interests first.  You should understand that there is no perfect case.  Every car accident, even when you have been rear ended, has weaknesses and pitfalls.  For example, in a rear end car accident in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where we practice law, you as the plaintiff still need to prove how much your case is worth.  You may have the strength of a case in which the driver was clearly at fault, but a weakness in how much your case is worth if there are challenges to legal causation (e.g., whether your injury could be decided to be a “pre-existing injury”).  Therefore, you should insist on great communication from your legal team in explaining the facts and law that apply to your case; listen carefully; and consider your lawyer’s advice. 


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