Rhode Island Slip And Fall Case Settles For $140,000.00

No matter the time of year, our firm is busy fighting for the rights of the injured throughout our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.  In today’s blog, I’d like to recap a great settlement we obtained for our lovely client who suffered a slip and fall in Cranston, Rhode Island. 

Cranston Slip & Fall With Multiple Personal Injuries 

Slip and fall personal injuries occur when property owners do not maintain their premises in a safe manner. This area of the law is called premises liability.  

In this case, there was a large commercial property owner who did not bother to safely clear the parking lot of snow and ice.

Our client is a middle-aged woman who arrived on the property for a doctor’s appointment.  She was trying to navigate the snow and ice in the parking lot below when she had a terrible slip and fall. 

Slip and Fall

The parking lot where our client had a terrible slip and fall

The fall caused immediate pain in her dominant right hand and right side.  Luckily, a witness was on site and was able to help her until the fire department arrived at the scene. 

Slip and Fall Knee Injury

A patient recovering from a knee injury

What Is My Slip And Fall Case Worth? RI Woman Sustain Fractured Wrist And Knee Injury.

Our client suffered multiple personal injuries including a fractured wrist and fractured leg. 

Being that our client is right-handed, having the difficulty of a fracture to the right wrist was enough to put our client out of her day-to-day routine and into treatment.  She also had a pre-existing knee injury. In this slip and fall, it was re-injured, causing great pain and other symptoms.  

Ultimately, our client required wrist and knee surgeries.  

Slip and Fall Injury

A patient recovering from a wrist injury

The Bottaro Law Difference: Closure For Our Client Achieving Maximum Settlement

As our client continued to heal, our team pored over the present and prior medical records.  We showed a clear worsening of symptoms after the slip and fall occurred, leading to a wrist and knee procedures. 

The feeling after a slip and fall can be stressful. By calling me right away, we were able to jump on her case, leading to a great settlement!  She is now continuing to feel stronger every day!

Slip and Fall Client

Our slip and fall client with Attorney Mike Bottaro after settlement

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