Taking Photos After A Rhode Island and Massachusetts Personal Injury

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Photos are some of the most important pieces of evidence to have when investigating your Rhode Island or Massachusetts personal injury claims, such as a car accident or slip and fall. They allow us to paint a picture of the scene and preserve visual evidence. I want to review some helpful tips in today’s blog when taking photos for your personal injury claim.

What Type of Photos Help My Personal Injury Case?

Car accidents that lead to personal injuries can be overwhelming, but it’s critical to capture photos of the scene. Time is always of the essence when it comes to taking photos, so if you are seriously injured and unable to take photos, ask a bystander if they will for you.

If you are involved in a car accident, it’s essential to take photos of the surrounding area, not just the damage. If possible, leave the vehicles in the position they were when the accident occurred. Look to see if there are skid marks, poor weather conditions, or anything else that could have contributed to the accident.

This is even more important if you are injured in a slip and fall. The conditions that lead to your slip and fall can quickly change after your accident. We recently settled a case where an older woman tripped, falling through a baby gate down 15 stairs. When we went back to investigate the scene, the baby gate had been removed, and a semi-permanent door was in its place.

Photos should be taken from multiple angles; these photos should summarize how the accident occurred. These photos can be helpful to refresh your memory of the accident, should we need to take your deposition.

Should I take photos of my personal injuries?

It’s important to document your injuries as soon as possible with photos following your personal injury. Photos of your injuries make it difficult for insurance companies or other parties to claim you are exaggerating your injuries.

It’s essential to take photos as you heal as well. Be sure to take photos of your cuts, bruises, scrapes. The progression of your injuries helps in determining how much your case is worth. Medical records only describe your injuries; photos capture them in full detail.

The Bottaro Difference: Getting the Most for Your Personal Injury Claim

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Remember, even though you’re not at fault, the insurance companies will try and leave you paying the bills. We are experts when it comes to building a case against insurance companies.

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