Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Drowsy Driving Safety

black friday

Holidays are approaching us, as well as the amazing sales that follow. The only way to catch these deals is to wake up very early, or not falling asleep at all to save your spot in line. This might get Christmas presents a lot cheaper than usual, but driving drowsy can be extremely dangerous.

Drowsy Driving – The Dangers of Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deemed getting an insufficient amount of sleep a public health epidemic. With people going through their everyday lives with little sleep, driver fatigue is extremely common. Adding this normal amount of fatigued drivers with people purposely losing sleep for Black Friday sales will add more danger to the roads.

An auto accident can happen just from a person falling asleep behind the wheel for a few seconds, and the types of injuries that a person could face could be extremely dangerous, sometimes fatal.

Driving while tired has been compared to driving under the influence, but the signs don’t always look the same on the road. A drowsy driver can fall asleep behind the wheel without breaking or swerving, unlike a drunk driver– making it harder to figure out what someone is.

Black Friday Driving Safety Tips

If you want to go out and get the best sales you can, make sure you are putting your safety before anything. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure you have a safe and fun Black Friday.

  1. Drive Slow: Instead of rushing down to your store of choice, leave your house a few minutes early and pace yourself while driving. Keep your eyes out for other cars and pedestrians that might be darting through, especially in the parking lots.
  2. Park Further Away: A perfect way to walk off all the Thanksgiving food that was eating a couple of hours ago! Majority of the Black Friday accidents that occur are in the parking lots. Choose a spot further from the entrance, where it tends to be less congested. You will be less likely to get in a car accident, and less of a chance someone will ding your car while you’re shopping.

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