Top Golf Opens In Cranston, Rhode Island And Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers Are There!

What do you do when your superstar law firm team wants to get together?  Topgolf!  When Topgolf opened its doors in Cranston, our Ministry Care Team made sure we were among the first to try it out!

Tyler, our Marketing Manager, taking a swing at Topgolf!

At Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about standing up for the rights of those in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities who suffer personal injuries in car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and other personal injury cases.  Our talented team works hard to get the best personal injury settlements for our clients!  As you can imagine, we sometimes need to take a breather and come together to enjoy our own company.  Enter Topgolf!

One of the best parts of running the firm is watching our people grow in an environment that fosters learning, growth, mentoring and volunteerism.  Our team is passionate about serving our communities and working hard to help personal injury victims.

Thus, in today’s blog, I thought we would share some fun highlights from our Topgolf outing last month.

Topgolf and Firm Fellowship

Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers’ recent outing. Topgolf provides a new, relaxed way to enjoy golf!

Our law firm is passionate about our clients and our ability to work together seamlessly in the office.  Our Ministry Care Team regularly plans events for us to spend time together outside of the office to have some fun.  They recently planned a firm outing at the brand new Topgolf in Cranston, RI.

As a golfer myself, I was very excited to hear that Topgolf would be so close to us!  Even if you are not a professional golfer, it is still a great time with family, friends… or even co-workers for a firm outing!

Topgolf has been around for about 23 years.  According to Topgolf itself, it started in 2000 and grew up to become a multinational sports entertainment company.

The founders, Steve and Dave, wanted to create a more engaging driving range experience for people. Unlike the traditional game of golf, you can talk, eat, and drink while listening to your favorite music and hanging out with loved ones.

Top Golf with the Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers Crew!

Topgolf was right up our alley since our team loves engaging in activities together.  I guess you can say the competitiveness of our lawyers comes out even when we are not in the court room!

Case Manager, Bianca, taking a swing!

Our team left work early one Friday afternoon last month, and we all met up to not only play some golf but catch up with team members, eat some good food and celebrate my birthday!

The firm not only had fun swinging a few golf balls, but getting the chance to spend time with co-workers they may not always get to see, being that we have two office locations now!

Our Pawtucket location on Newport Ave. has about 10 legal assistants and our Providence location has about 20.  Every so often it’s a good time to have both offices get together and have some fun!

Team members enjoying each other’s company!

Amongst great conversation, it was rewarding to see our talented personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals at the firm enjoy themselves after working so hard to help others in the community.  As an added bonus, we learned that one of our claim’s adjusters, Shawna, is a great golfer!

Being together outside of the office allows us to not only get to know each other more on a personal level, but to team build in fun, outdoor activities and enjoy each other’s company!

Our belief in “servant leadership,” is pivotal to what Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers stands for.  Not only does “servant leadership” make our firm stand out, it helps us do the best we can for our communities.  It is also what makes having this time together even more special.  Needless to say, it was a lot of fun to check out the new Topgolf together!

Topgolf was a great setting for a firm event.  The Topgolf staff were even nice enough to let our team bring a cake for my birthday!  We look forward to coming back to Topgolf in the near future.  Thank you, Ministry Care Team, for putting everything together for this remarkable event!

Working with Bottaro Injury Lawyers, Legal Assistant Bianca